#581: ain't hip to be labeled a hippie

"I'm no hippie. I'm just a dad who skates and believes in compassion and universal laws."

Been having a string of bad luck as of late so I'm hoping this Matt Field post somehow puts some positive vibes out into the cosmos and gets me off this road to ruin.

...what can I say? I know its bullshit but I'm getting desperate.

Regardless, I always thought this dude was a beast back in the day (still is) and Rasa Libre quietly remains one of the most underrated companies out there.

And in other news, congrats to Daewon Song for being superhuman.

Thanks for all the support everyone.


smorales said...

ha, I see you, thanks. The rest is killer too. That destroy ad is awesome. Field is a stand-up dude and Rasa is real cool. An all bay area video with spots you've never seen.

r. dahl said...

liked his part in real to reel but never thought much about him after. that front tail is gargantuan and the fields of fire ad is just sick. good photo, good design. made me wanna watch this dude skate again anyway. thanks. sendin you positive vibes. stay up.

clug said...

stay up.

Anonymous said...

Always liked this dude.

If the "My Dad Does Smith Grinds" ad doesn't pump the positivity for you, nothing will.

Keep ya head up Chops!

PS -- When is Vans going re-release the Lampins? Damn.

my 2 cents said...

I think this dudes career would be more in the spotlight if he didn't do so many damn kickflip varials. or "dog flips" as my buddy calls them. that trick is awful.
but he does have alot of pop.
@lucien: "Lampins". Is that what those vans in the switch crook photo are? I remember those & thought they were salman agahs shoe. they were rad.

Keith said...

I'm sending out good mojo to ya E.

kf 5-0 on hubba hideout is pretty awesome! Dude has a nice loose style. Nothing wrong with yoga and being health conscious.

re: Lampins... they we re-released last year as one of Rowleys pro models... it's called the Rowley Special

Royce said...

1UP E!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've always liked him from back in the mid 90s and thought he was sick.

One thing that I thought was funny is that around 97 he had a Real graphic with a DEA helicopter flying over a forest with a pot field below that was a pro-weed board. Among some other imagery in there was a logger being arrested or something.

Did Matt not realize that his anti-logging stance was being displayed on a board??? I hope it was a joke but maybe it wasn't.

chops said...

i deleted yo fabo les comment cause that shit was dumb.

i think these fabo les comments are usually funny... but when they're not, they get the gong.

suerta said...

reel to real part is killer

Lucas said...

I've liked Matt Field since the ad with the kickflip 5-0 down Hubba came out. So good. You should post the Big Brother interview with him, Matt Pailes and Matt Rodriguez--the Buffalo Soldiers.

fabo les sk8s said...

gonna pause this for a minute just to clarify

whatever that fabo les comment wuz, it was an imposter

uphold the legacy, bruh

-- blender and fabian

Anonymous said...

i never realized that field noseslid the huge hubba at wells fargo in downtown la before muska

but i'm not saying he did it like chad

i also loved that very first krooked tour to japan -- field, barley, gonz...who else? staba?

chops said...

that's more like it, fabo les.

thanks for all the kind words, guys.

lucien, i'd buy a pair.

my 2 cents, that's fair. though I do think he's one of the few skaters out there that manages to make that trick look good.

lucas, future post.

thanks again guys.

josh said...

I always thought this dude's style made skating look hard, if that makes sense to anybody. Like some guys make it look easy and smooth but field always seemed to look like he was really busting and getting after it. Maybe I'm crazy.

Hope your luck turns soon, chops.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Rasa Libre being with DLX? Spinning off a "hippie" brand didnt bode well for sales or what? Matt has always had great style and true to SF. Seems like Nate Jones got lost in that crossover as well. Glad to see its still holding on.