chrome ball incident #582: fax machine

"That's all I'm saying kids. So you could go nollie heelflip noseslide all day on the smallest ledge, you are never going to look like Jason Lee doing it. That's why when I open up a magazine, I close it real quick."

Seldom seen 101-era Dill spotlight from Transworld '96... among other goodies.

Stoked on this post even though it honestly came about as a substitute since I couldn't get the final edit approved by the skater in time for tonight's chrome ball interview. I tried my best.

Thanks for all the support out there... my man keith, dan, mighty healthy, vans, skate daily and deluxe for the scans.

<3 Peel.


Chris said...

Great post. I can remember first seeing Dill in the A1 Meats ads. Noseblunt sliding a bench, properly, while everyone else was still doing them on curbs. If you find that ad, look how locked in that shit is!

All eras of Dill have been interesting. Outspoken at times, but never run-of-the-mill.

Thanks E - hope all's good.

ciaran said...

Always surprised me that in DC's halcyon days they never moved pre-AWS Dill up to the proper team, despite the huge level of top shelf coverage he had wearing their tees and shoes.

K said...

Fun fact: Apart from the homeboy Jovantae Turner, no one else has stolen more boards from the Dwindle Distribution warehouse.

Big ups to the first dude to move out to NYC and hold it down.

Lucas said...

You can't go wrong with Dill, no matter the era. For what it's worth, though, this is still my favorite Dill ad: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_4OE2LlxxWrc/SDTqoum5jNI/AAAAAAAAAQw/4vydBEoYC94/s1600-h/dillgunchrome.jpg

Five-o Cheapster said...

Top notch bro, hope all is good.

Keith said...

Nice interview. Never seen it before.

that weird lateral bs tail over the stairs onto the ledge... gino panther board is so sick! One of the best boards I've ever had.

imo 101 Dill > all other phases of Dill

gremics said...

huntington high has been almost completely re-modeled over the last fifteen years, but the one thing actually still skatable is the backside tailslide wedge ollie to ledge. people should rediscover it like they did the dwyer ledge a few years ago.

coopsta said...

That "free range dill" ad is great, I wish Don Pendleton still did AWS graphics.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if phelps truly meant it when asked by odell about dill in that one epicly laterd and
phelps was all
"dill? i dont know who that is"

The Chez said...

I remember a Color demo in Albuquerque. Everyone was at Civic Plaza trying to get Jeremy Wray to ollie the steps. Dill was off to the side grinding a trash can. Always was something different about that chap. Good stuff and not afraid to speak his mind.