chrome ball interview #169: jake johnson

 Chops and JJ sit down for Closer #6

...With a Special Introduction by Chad Bowers

Featuring new and classic photos from Jonathan Mehring, Greg Hunt, Ben Colen, Ryan Allan, Jon Coulthard and more. 

Thanks for making this happen.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I can’t wait to read this, went back and watched his Chapman part again after seeing this the other night. I had never heard of him until his name came up watching Mind Field and I immediately recognized Animal Collective (I had been wanting to skate to April and the Phantom around this time) and I think this was the first video they were in so after that dinosaur Jr. Onslaught to start the video right into this right into Elliot Smith it was all goosebumps and eyegasms. Maybe I had seen the wallie over to tailslide before I don’t remember if the video or photo came out first. Skating like that is why I skate so yeah. Thanks Jake. Searching for him and Brian Anderson and Sean Young online can sometimes be aggravating but all three are so special it makes it even better. I’m hyped!

Anonymous said...

And thanks as always Eric

jeffreestar said...

Did he mention that's not my neighbor? I like it too