chrome ball interview #140 for tws: andrew allen

Chops sits down with AA for a little conversation...
for our friends over at Transworld.


Andrew's the best.

Again, this interview is exactly how I'd do it for CBI... but on the TWS site.

Just a fun opportunity to work with friends and possibly reach some new eyeballs

...Keeps it interesting, ya know?

And having said that, I do have a few interviews in the works for back here on CBI proper, too.


chrome ball incident #915: the real thing

CBI's Loveletter to Jeff Grosso

Transworld Pro Spotlight, 1990

Thrasher, 1990

Big Brother, 1998 (Thanks Atte)

The Skateboard Mag, 2008

Jeff's CBI Recommendations, 2017

Recommended by: Jeff Grosso
*) Script of the Bridge / The Chameleons UK
Neil turned me on to them in '85. Their music speaks to me. I don't know... just listen to it. It's fuck'n beautiful.
**) A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius / Dave Eggers
I read it when I was in a very fragile state. It's a memoir and the guy's story just gave me hope.
***) Lucas / David Seltzer
It's an insightful, sensitive film about real kids dealing with real problems. Ha! Plus, I believe it's Winona Ryder's first film.

And my personal favorite, Jeff clobbering a troll in the comments of this very blog, January 2010.

Rest easy, Jeff... And thank you.


save the brooklyn banks

God only knows what kinda muck is permanently embedded into this thing but I still plucked it out of the Little Bank (by the lightpost up top) and carried it all the way back to Pittsburgh with me in the early 00s. It’s been properly sanitized and proudly displayed ever since.

The beloved Brooklyn Banks are in need of our help. Please sign the Change.org petition (link here) and let the New York DoT know exactly how important this landmark is to all of us. 

For more motivation, look here


chrome ball interview #139 for tws: louie lopez

Chops sits down with LL for a little conversation...
 for our friends over at Transworld.

Over 10 years deep into a career that only keeps getting better, Louie's gone from being another long-haired little Flip kid to the buzzcut wizard of the West End. With an ultra clean style, proper trick selection and a good head on his shoulders, plan on this dude making his presence known for many years to come. This was a fun one. 

Big thanks to Louie, Jaime O, Converse and the TWS crew.

Stay safe out there.



jon horner's search for animal chin

"Look at the size of it!"

Long-time Chrome Ball favorite Jon Horner came through with a printable construction kit for your very own micro Chin Ramp.  

Just print out the following pages, cut along the lines and connect those numbers... everything will come together.  

Jon was even kind enough to provide a few Bones Brigade luminaries for extra fun. 

And don't be afraid to experiment with cardboard or whatever else you have lying around your current quarantine station. Yapple dapple.

Make the Radman proud and get your Skate Martian on this weekend. 

...Just don't fall through the hole in the ramp! 

Big thanks to Jon for doing all this and sending it over. 

Stay safe out there. 

Look for a new CBI Interview to post... probably next week.