chrome ball interview #139 for tws: louie lopez

Chops sits down with LL for a little conversation...
 for our friends over at Transworld.

Over 10 years deep into a career that only keeps getting better, Louie's gone from being another long-haired little Flip kid to the buzzcut wizard of the West End. With an ultra clean style, proper trick selection and a good head on his shoulders, plan on this dude making his presence known for many years to come. This was a fun one. 

Big thanks to Louie, Jaime O, Converse and the TWS crew.

Stay safe out there.



Unknown said...

Dudes sick, its always cool to see when you interview the younger kids, and shoutouts to louie u never hear about no stupid shit with louie just solid personality and and nust as solid skating

chops said...


Thanks! I always receive some flack whenever I interview anyone under the age of 40 but I enjoy it and find it necessary for the site to continue existing. Discussion on here shouldn't always have to be about 1992.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

word the love for skating remains the same no matter what the time era is, thats one thing that cant be taken from us, and im really just glad u still interviewing i was scarred u might have been done towards the beginning of 2020 haha

Anonymous said...

Great read. Thank you, Chops.