chrome ball interview #163: brian lotti (2023)

 Chops and Lotti sit down once again for Closer Skateboarding #4

...with a special introduction by Chris Miller. 

18 pages of classic photos from Grant Brittain and Seu Trinh


Thanks for all the support out there!

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As a man who enjoys both skateboarding and sandwiches very much, I have been haunted by the following question for decades: What the hell is a Lotti Sandwich? And what exactly is this "Top Secret Recipe"? Can anyone tell me? Is there some type of mystery ingredient involved? Maybe an exotic form of preparation that I don’t know about? What could it be? 

I mean, Brian Lotti has always had impeccable taste... and this is his namesake creation! Not even the Big Spin received such an honor, so this must be delicious. And not only that, it’s also Henry Sanchez’s favorite food! More than anything! I can’t even imagine a more hard-earned testimonial to its greatness. After all, this is the man who turned down Girl, for God's sake. I’m willing to bet that Sanch’s legendarily high standards carry over to his culinary tastes as well, right? But what is it? What is this sandwich? Fuck the Colonel, these are the 11 secret herbs and spices that I’ve been obsessing over since 1993! 

Lo and behold, the top secret formula. Straight from Lotti himself. A sweet sigh of relief... and a damn fine sandwich to boot. I can finally rest easy. Enjoy. 

Big thanks to Brian, Chris, Grant, Jaime, Kurina, Don, Seu, Tara and Elaine. 


Anonymous said...

Great job!! Enjoyed being part of the process. Continued success!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was super curious about that sandwich after reading about it from the Henry Sanchez interview. After finding the blog several years ago, and reading the Lotti interview, the question (what's the Lotti sandwich?) was answered! Of course, I'm picking up this issue. I keep hoping to see the Tron and "Blind Rider" graphics show up on a re-issue or t-shirt, but it seems pretty unlikely. In any case, CBI is the best! Can't wait to read the interview.

Anonymous said...

Dude - check Chico’s web store today

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This is likely a lighthearted and fun piece within the Tunnel Rush skateboarding community.