chrome ball incident #108: chain wallet and chukkas

"One time when I was spending the night over at Matt Hensley's house, I was asleep, and I'd look over and the VCR would turn on and off. It was one of those switches, it wasn't a push button. It would turn on and then turn off and then on again. Over and over. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and someone (or something) was blowing on my face, I'd open my eyes and nothing would be there. Then the stereo turned on for no reason and the bathroom light turned on by itself. It was pretty gnarly. Hensley said he saw it. He said it's an old man who used to live in the trailer park, who had a heart attack and died. Everyone that has stayed over at Matt's has seen it. It's scary." -Danny Way

I posted the centerfold from this interview way back when I first started this thing (#10)... wanted to go back and present it in full.

Have a good weekend.


tp said...

earlier today i tried to follow up the comments on kt on my blackberry but the hensley #74 post kept coming up when i went to my bookmark. i reinstalled the os for various crappy reasons wednesday night and this was the first time i navigated to chrome ball on it since. so i forget about it cause i don't have time to type in the url and reset my bookmark and move on with my life. and then later in the night, bam more hensley. i got a little worried when i saw that under the bridge spread cause i know i've seen it before and now i am on the pc.
so the moral of the story. my blackberry is psychic and seems to also know that matt hensley is the man. Probably not and i will leave discussion of that possibility to a more suitable forum but a funny coincidence to say the least and at least worth sharing.

K said...

On Matt Hensley:

I got into the Jam by watching his tribute part at the start of "Questionable." And I was always blown away by his pool trick part at the end of Second Hand Smoke. WTF. Why did he have to quit, then come back, and quit again?

Not The New Stereo Video said...

Who got the church glass tatoo too?

Keith said...

That bank meloncollie TWS cover is one of, if not, the best TWS cover ever. He was the first guy I ever saw with the blowfish face while doing a trick. That inteview was epic. There were so many dudes in my town who added hella to their vocab after reading the interview haha

That's it. I think I posted enough about Hensley in the earlier chrome ball posts.

Anonymous said...

Two things about that first image of the TWS cover: 1. Hensley on the cover but a Bill Danforth prospotlight. Talk about a weird juxtaposition. 2. Check the sick "foot english" on Hensley's back foot.

JayCee said...

I remember I got to skate with Matt Hensley and some other Vista dudes (Steve Ortega, Brennan Schoeffel and I can't remember who else) super randomly one time. I was out skating with a bunch of people and driving around in my buddy Oscar's truck. I remember Justin (Girard) was one of the people that was there and somebody had to stop at the skateshop for some reason. So we went to FTC (the very first location which was also a tennis/ski shop. don't ask) and someone was doing whatever they needed to do. Well a call came into the shop (and to this day I don't how the fuck it happened or how they knew we were there or how random the circumstance was) and this guy Lloyd who worked there looks at Justin and says "It's for you". Justin looked at him kinda funny cause FTC wasn't really a place where you hung out, at the time. So to get a phonecall there was really, really weird. And it wasn't a planned stopped at all either. Somebody needed to use some tools or something a rather and we ended up going there. So Justin gets off the phone and he says to us, "Matt Hensley and some other guys are in town and they wanna go skate with us". My jaw kinda dropped and got a little giddy. Cause even though some of us were already sponsored and damn good pros in their own right, this was Matt Hensley! So we meet up with these guys and drove to Berkeley to skate the tennis court banks. If you never had the pleasure of skating the tennis court banks, you can see several pictures of them throughout this blog. Short, steep little banks that had really tight transitions. Really fun though. I remember watching Hensley and the kind of stuff he was doing. I've seen some people kill that place, but it was definitely a highlight seeing him skate it.

I'm still trippin' out on that phonecall though!

The Chez said...

Chukkas. Worst shoe ever. Fact. How he skated in those is beyond me. Makes it all even more sick.