chrome ball incident #107: knowledge god

my vote for the best nickname in skateboarding, pittsburgh's own kt the god.

although my man jumped to greener pastures well before my arrival here, his influence is still strongly felt throughout the city.

and that del joint up top is type bananas


tp said...

one of few reasons to be proud of being born in the pitt.

Anonymous said...

the other ones being matt reason and henry panza.

Anonymous said...

wow, 2 black skater posts in a row. who's next, peter smolik? just jokes. still waitin for rollie mandoli.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Pittsburgh skaters, it's pretty cool to see a young skater named Mike Carroll from this area. I'd like to see him make it just for having that name...

Keith said...

The first time I saw Kevin Taylor was in some Canadian demo footage when he was on H-Street. It was him and Sal.

He's been around for a long time!

chops said...

the pittsburgh vs. philly rivalry rages on... even on this blog.

and henry panza is ill. buttery style that guy.

haha, i was actually gonna post up some smolik soon... and i'm still working on Mandoli. Police Informer just put up a Mandoli joint a few days ago that was so nice that the man himself even had to stop by and leave a comment. Hairfarmer's been killing it over there as of late. Props as always.

peel rules.

damn keith, i didn't even know the god was on h-street... was this lick-era h-street? I guess not if he was with Sal... didnt realize dude was that old!

Keith said...

kt's wikipedia entry says he was born in 74, same year as me. Aug 11 to be exact. Happy belated bday kt.

I have no idea how he skates at that level at this age.