chrome ball incident #109: i vitelloni

Guy and the crew from back in the day... Stacy Peralta on some straight-up Maurice Starr-type steez.

Video clips:
Powell magic... and the worst song ever.
all A's > all B's
Santa Barbara
Gabriel making it look easy, Frankie Hill making it look hard


Anonymous said...

Very Nice, Rudy at the TIjuana skatepark, rip tj skatepark.

K said...

Oh man...what a trip. Any of y'all ever seen the episode of Nickelodeon's SK8tv with Guy, Rudy and Gabriel. Ugh such memories.

chops said...

the best was that guy solo segment where he's skating the mini-ramp.

in the interview portion, skatemaster tate kooks out on him worse than usual and little-ass Guy just beams him with this "what the fuck's wrong with this dude?" kinda look. hilarious

tp said...

oh sk8tv. those memories are closely tied to those of beating nes zelda. come on, skatemaster tate and the guy from hackers. what a combo! i cant imagine what it is like to grow up as a skater now and just have any video ever on the internet. i had to watch sk8tv and save money for boards or just wait for hand me downs.

on a more funny note. maybe 2001 or so, i was given a beer city double kick 48" long maybe 8" wide that i set up in true skatemaster tate fashion and just cruised. no 6 footer but damn, props to beer city for making such a deck. i feel like it broke rather quickly with its lengthy wheelbase and flimsy build. plus everyone always wanted to flip it. however, it for sure one upped all those sector nine longboard fags i would see back then.

Keith said...

It's amazing that between the 4 of these guys, they've had a combined what? 20 minutes of footage in 18 years?

The kings of montage video parts.

Regardless, I've enjoyed watching all 4 of them in their prime. Guy and Rudy in Video Days and all that waiting for the subsequent Blind video that never came out. I rode Gabe Drill Kill and Penalizer boards back to back for an entire summer. At least 6 in total. Paulo and his Lockwood madness and his crazy nollie and switch pop way ahead of the game.

cremefresche said...

Dude, u forgot to include Gabriel Rodriguez' part in "Las Nueve Vidas de Paco" from Chocolate Skateboards. Look it up on youtube and post here plz. thx.