chome ball incident #893: fast as no cash

Felt like some more Gonz goodness today. Quick update featuring Mark's hard-to-find and equally hard-to-scan interview for Warp Magazine, 1997.

Special thanks to "Howard Hughs"

Happy Birthday, Van
(just got it in under the wire)


JayCee said...

Having reached the 40 + club, I appreciate Gonz and his skating more than I ever have. He's always been the standard bearer, in my eyes, as to what can be done on a skateboard. And to still be skating the way he is, it's just incredible.

rnc said...

You may have already answered this

Where can we find all the 60/40 commercials?

P.pagoda said...

I've been wanting to see some more 60/40 stuff on here. Thanks for delivering.

Ross said...

That Warp interview was so sick! I was always a tripped out that they were the ones to run that gem because that mag was not that well known or distributed.

dom said...

Yo I'm trying to remember which skaters were on 60/40 and for the life of me I can't do it. I THINK Gabriel Rodriguez but thats all I can come up with. I had one of their boards, it was great, but even then the only rider I knew was Gonz.

So who was the line up? (was Paulo on between Powell and Stereo? So confused...)

dom said...


wow no shit, skate library online. Sick. And it was Gino Perez I was thinking of, not Gabriel, and "Doug" Diaz (whoever the hell that is), not Paulo.

Sean said...

that stalefish is amazing. I'm trying to figure out if the photo blur would look just as magical with someone else doing another trick or if he just makes a shitty shot look good.

natenola said...

No gabriel rod, they had a lot of random skaters the biggest were Gino Perez and Sad, John Diego was on for a little while and that dude George Morales who was like a poor mans member of the Menace team.

Keith said...

Can't believe how grainy that Warp interview is lol Never seen it before. Thanks! Always good to hear different perspectives on what happened with Blind. Is there a scan missing? Continued on Page 88?

gas station 50-50 over the rainbow. I like that!

60/40 also turned Fabian and Joey pro before they left for Menace. They each for sure had at least one pro model. My local shop had them back in the day.

chops said...

damn, you're right, Keith!
I'll post it up when I get home.
Sorry guys!

The Chez said...

That eggdrecht is something I've never seen done. That's crazy. Not unexpected for him but nuts.

Anonymous said...

Damn good post

Duncan Hunter said...

I can't believe he sometimes lives in New Zealand. Would love to say whats up...even though he possibly could hate it. Non Fiction is the best vid ever.

skateboard said...

Gonz is so good with his

Royce said...

So good.

Stan Doff said...

That stalefish photo on the mini ramp is ridiculous.

Doug Diaz said...


Thanks for the memories. My name is Doug Diaz and I rode for 60/40. I used to skate with Fabian and Joey when Fabe skated for Z and Joey was on flow for Powell. Actually I skated with them before they were even sponsored. And yes, 60/40 did turn Fabian and Joey Pro. Joey had the sick Bruin cub on his board and Fabian had one of Mark's drawings. Although, I'm not related to Paulo, I did skate with him from time to time -- part of the Lockwood scene.

For the poster who mentioned that George Morales was the poor man's menace, you obviously don't know what up! George was up to Guy Mariano's status back in the day when Guy skated for Rene's skate shop on Melrose. For some reason or another, George was always held back by the Menace dudes (although we all grew up together). Anyhow, check the footy:


The line up was: Mark Gonzales, Ron Chapman, John Deago, Gino Perez, George Morales, Jay Stephens (SAD), James Qua, Larry Moore, and Doug Diaz. {Honorable Mention: Rodney Torres was getting some boards from Mark as well}

Mark is definitely thee most influential skater of all time. It takes an unorthodox thinker to come up with all the innovations he did. I'm glad I got to meet and get to know the man (although Natas was the favorite in my house hold). I could watch Video Days today and still find it inspiring. Who would have ever thought, Oscar nominations, hollywood, switch stance, jazz music, milk's the "knife song," and other trends would be set by a skate video.

Again, Thanks Chops.


Keith said...

^ thanks for that insight on 60/40. That Morales part is really good. The only footage I ever saw of him back in the day was random clips in 411vm. I always thought he sort of skated like Gabe from a style stand point. Something about the legs and knee bend, or lack there of.

Anonymous said...


I never thought of it that way, but you are right. His style is somewhat like Gabriel's.

On another note, where did you get that Gonz sculpture. Pretty kool!


stephen said...

awesome doug. i love reading first hand accounts of shit from back in the day. i remember randomly driving by that century city rail on santa monica blvd during when gonz was filming/shooting that lipslide. i had to do a double take when i saw a few dudes scoping the rail out and was all 'is that the gonz!?' i circled around the block... which was no small feat in the afternoon traffic. yep... it was the gonz

-doug said...


Back in the day that rail looked sick. I ollied and 180ed the stairs in my sponsor me tape. Mark saw the spot and he asked me where it was.

He eventually went back to it to bust this trick. Back then, that is where the bus would turn when we would go to the Santa Monica Court House. He, along with Eric Dressen, would hit up the court house (actually, every skater of the day would).

Did you see the switch-back-board Justin Eldridge did on the thing -- that was beast. I'm amazed I didn't see this spot get that much coverage. The other two spots near it have been getting coverage lately, though. Just check out the Deathwish Video


HBGabe said...

The first pro board I got was a 60/40 Doug Diaz in 95 or so. Picked it out of a CCS, it had 2 dudes boxin in a ring, I liked it. Shortly after, I think the company went away... What happened to it? Do u still skate anymore?

Doug Diaz said...

HB Gabe,

Thanks for the support. Supper stoked that you bought the Larry More and Doug Diaz Amateur deck. It was a team deck highlighting the amateurs (This was Mark and Ron's idea). During that time, I really didn't like the carton graphics that the brand was producing (I was so naive, completely unaware of Jimbo Phillips' family history with skateboarding and graphic design). I wished I would have kept one for myself.

Anyhow, the brand was financially backed by Rich Metiver (the same dude that did slimeballs, union wheels, color skateboards, 60/40, kools, woodstock skateboards, and Co-Op). Simon Woodstock came up with an add which featured Steve Rocco bent over doggy style while the devil man slipped it in him. Although the add was funny as fuck, Rocco sued and Metiver loss a lot of money (this is documented in the Man Who Souled the World documentary), while at the same time George and Jay (SAD) got kicked off the team while on tour. Mark had just left a few months back and he left Gino somewhat in charge. I was so bummed when Marked left, although I now understand why he did, I was bummed and am still disappointed the way he did.

I remember when I first got on the team I rode a Menace Joey Suriel Board which my friend had flown me because he had broken my 60/40 board. Mark was so bummed when he saw me rocking the menace board. He lectured me about loyalty and riding the 60/40 brand. I let him know that Joey and Fabian's were friends of mine and he said that it didn't make a difference, I had to be loyal. The funny thing is that Keith Hufnagle would often come down from SF and Mark and I would go skate UCLA with him. Mark would film and I wouldn't think anything about it. Soon after Mark quit I ended up seeing a lot of that footage in Real's "Reel to Real" video. It was then obvious that Mark had plan on leaving 60/40 for Real. Talk about loyalty. Now, as an educator with a family, I understand Mark's move, I would do the same. Financial security is important. After, he did loose a lot of his Blind money to Rocco and to taxes. Rocco really screwed him. Sorry this post was a long response but I had never publicly shared this narrative. Thanks Gabe for giving me an opportunity to air this out.

p.s. I skate about 1 or 2wice a year. lol. I do run a skate club at the school I teach @, though.

Keith said...


I have two gonz mo wax sculptures. I ordered them way back in the day from the UK.

Unfortunately, after surviving multiple moves traveling over 13,000km, one of them fell last summer and broke and I had to epoxy it back together.

Keith said...

page 88?

Richard said...

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