chrome ball incident #894: who caresville

"I gotta get the fuck outta New York."

The '04 S.O.B. Tour featuring Uncle Freddie, Little Alex, Mehring's Bearings and our tour guide, Dill.

...Danny Renaud wasn't invited but came along anyway. So good.

Sorry for the unannounced absence yesterday... turned out to be quite an epic day here at the CBI Stacks. 10-year-old Chops would've been quite proud of 35-year-old Chops. One day I'll be able to tell you about it...

Regardless, former Alien resident and friend of the site John Drake recently started his own little board company called Animal Skateboards that you should definitely check out and support. Lots of good stuff coming soon from these guys. 


3/4 Life said...

that crusty quarter that Fred Gall kickflip-backtails is gnarlier than hell! I live in the DC area now, but used to live in Richmond, VA for a long time...that spot he hit is brutal, no joke. Its hard to even get a smooth kick turn on that! sick spot, though, steep banked walls in between quarter-piped walls. That spot is still there, and is even more jacked up now, perfect Gall spot. And, that quote about Richmond is so very true...95% of the chicks there are heavily tattooed and extremely attractive. Aside from the crusty-quarter pipes and a few other select spots, Richmond sucks for skating though..unless you are willing to put in mad work.

Anonymous said...

god... i can't think of a more annoying skateboarder than jason dill. he does rip, but i would end up tying him to a pole somewhere and leaving him behind if i ever had to tour with him.

Jon Orrhea said...

That bank is an optical illusion spot. When you see it from a distance you think, Whoa! Look at that! But when you actually skate it- horrible.

I like Dill's skateboarding, especially in the Mosaic era. But (ducks in preparation of tomatoes being thrown / accusations of "hating") I have gotten the feeling he tries to be weird. Sort of a would-be Gonz Jr.

Now this is the part where I get told to back to Street League, watch Epicly Later'd, I don't appreciate individuality, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Jon, if that's your opinion then that's your opinion...what's the point in typing a comment on a site if your that worried about how it will be taken?

at the beginning and end of the day dude it's ONLY the internet!

Anonymous said...

Which slap is this from? Who is on the cover?

Unknown said...


Run the tour where they hit up Albany and Montreal, from Transworld! Albany is my hometown and they rip a spot that, if not for the cops, could've been a Love or Pulaski.

Props anyway bro, Danny Renaud owned a short era there.

Keith said...

Never seen this article before. Thanks! Who did Alex O ride for back then? Under Day 7, there's a mention of something about him getting "knighted by the Sovereign sect". Was he supposed to get on Alien? That would have been sick. He would fit better over there than Girl imo

Animal looks pretty cool. Thanks for letting me know about that.

Keith said...

This just popped up on the skateboardermag website