save the brooklyn banks

God only knows what kinda muck is permanently embedded into this thing but I still plucked it out of the Little Bank (by the lightpost up top) and carried it all the way back to Pittsburgh with me in the early 00s. It’s been properly sanitized and proudly displayed ever since.

The beloved Brooklyn Banks are in need of our help. Please sign the Change.org petition (link here) and let the New York DoT know exactly how important this landmark is to all of us. 

For more motivation, look here


Anonymous said...

Awesome Eric!

Anonymous said...

If city skaters actually cared about the banks, they wouldn't be in the current state that they are in. They are busted as hell, overgrown weeds, pretty much unskateable. But now that they are about to get mowed down, everyone all of a sudden cares. You had decades to make your case to the city about the banks being an important landmark, and no one did shit. Could of done something like they did with the courthouse in LA. They put in the effort, and got sponsorship dollars to get the spot cleaned up and approved by the city.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate.