chrome ball incident #915: the real thing

CBI's Loveletter to Jeff Grosso

Transworld Pro Spotlight, 1990

Thrasher, 1990

Big Brother, 1998 (Thanks Atte)

The Skateboard Mag, 2008

Jeff's CBI Recommendations, 2017

Recommended by: Jeff Grosso
*) Script of the Bridge / The Chameleons UK
Neil turned me on to them in '85. Their music speaks to me. I don't know... just listen to it. It's fuck'n beautiful.
**) A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius / Dave Eggers
I read it when I was in a very fragile state. It's a memoir and the guy's story just gave me hope.
***) Lucas / David Seltzer
It's an insightful, sensitive film about real kids dealing with real problems. Ha! Plus, I believe it's Winona Ryder's first film.

And my personal favorite, Jeff clobbering a troll in the comments of this very blog, January 2010.

Rest easy, Jeff... And thank you.


ZR_ said...

Epic comment. I remember the Transworld cover well.

Jonas said...

Grosso was rad. His calling out wackness should be kept alive!

Brendan said...

Always been a fan of Jeff's.
The way he skated in his prime was incredible, but he had so much more to offer skateboarding, and the world.
Thanks for posting these, Eric, the first interview is new to me.
We really lost the best dude, he loved skateboarding.

Atte said...

RIP Grosso!

Here's the Grossos Afterlife from Big Brother April 1998.

Donnyz said...

I remember that skateboard mag interview, about a year after I got into skating. No idea who he was or what he did, but I never forgot that story of his wife shooting up with a gun to her head. Not condoning that but man, what a crazy ride he had.

Atte that Big Brother interview was great, too. Gonna do right for the man.

chops said...

Thanks all... and extra credit to Atte for sending that BB piece over. Super sick.
I went ahead and added it to the proper post. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Thank you Chops

Anonymous said...

Do a google image search for the first image. The coping slap drop in. You will not be let down with the results

captain chaos said...

Re: Google Image Search for the drop in. That was so weird.

Milwaukee Crippler said...

I bet that troll probably spends a lot of time on the Slap message boards.