eric koston vs. the santa monica courthouse

The liberation of any skatespot should only be viewed as a positive thing. And when that spot is as historic and important as the Santa Monica Courthouse, who’s legendary ledges and stage have stood silent for far too long, this is a victory for all of skateboarding that should be celebrated.

Last September, I was fortunate enough to work with Eric Koston and crew on a little piece for Nike SB about this recently renovated and free-to-skate 90s mecca and what it means to skateboarding in 2014. With Slick Rick’s “Cuz It’s Wrong” steadily playing on repeat in my brain, I got to ask some questions (way too many for a 3-minute edit) and Frosty got to film some lines (his two stage clips are actually on my board). Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Regardless of whoever, I’d love to see this trend continue whenever and wherever possible... even if it means me taking a shovel down to Venice Beach and digging up those damn tar pits myself.

This was fun.


Anonymous said...

From humble blog beginnings to interviewing Koston at the Courthouse. Insane.

Also, love all the new different types of content formats. Fun to see you okay around and keep us guessing.

Dave said...

Nice work, Eric.

Very girl/chocolate heavy scans. Lovin in. Keep it comin'. Really enjoying the new content.

Brendan said...

Oh,that was good!
One of your best,man,keep it up.

Lieutenant Dan, Ice Cream said...

Cool history lesson. It would be nice to have something like that for other spots, as well as memorable tricks that went down. "I remember when so and so did a 360 flip to Ho Ho plant crooked grind"-type of thing.

JayCee said...

Pure Wheels ad?! Ha! Not sure that I ever told you, but I named that company and supposedly owned 10% of it. Worst wheels ever!!! We had a sick squad though.