chrome ball interview #77: jason dill

chops and dill sit down for conversation.

Phone Call October 8 6:05 PM
Upload October 10 1:06 PM

Instead of doing the usual transcribing/words-on-a-screen routine,
we decided to just upload the conversation with a FA montage looped behind it.

Hockey, Alien, New World Order, Postcards, Chloe, Gino. 

Note: FA Montage Had To Be Edited After Being Flagged Several Times.

Big Thanks to Dill, Kurt, Benny, Jake and Tara.



Brendan said...

What a nice surprise,thanks Eric,you are great,man.
Always had love and respect for Dill.
What an individual.
There's more than just a little of Mark Gonzales in Jason.

Unknown said...

Dopest dope

Anonymous said...

Excellent work! That had to be difficult but you steered the conversation masterfully. One love Chops!

Keith said...

Nice one Eric!

Anonymous said...

skateboarding needs more content of this nature. I really enjoy thrasher radio, and this here, is top notch as well. We need things like this to listen to in the car, podcast type stuff for skateboarders. Nicely done CB!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Choppy!

Skately said...

Amazing! Really enjoyed the audio format. Great job Chops.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect intended Chops,but does anyone know who writes for boil the ocean

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Gotta love Jason, he is an original! I loved the interview!