chrome ball incident x transworld skateboarding #3

Third on my Top 10 List of Transworld Pro Spotlights over the years is Jamie Thomas' Day in the Life-style demolition derby from April 1995. Still incredible.

“I like having real productive days, so that at the end of the day I have a lot to show for it… It’s a good feeling.”

Shooting these things ain’t easy. Even back in 1995, the Pro Spotlight was still a long-term project that typically took several months of shooting if the skater were to see it through to completion.  And that’s a very big “if”.  So in typical Chief fashion, it only makes sense that Jamie would shave his head and shoot all of his in one day; a feat that is still yet to be matched. 

3 is the magic number. (late pass)

Editor's note: This interview includes 1 of the 2 benihanas to ever be included on the Chrome Ball Incident. Nobody's perfect.


Frank said...

That roof gap heelflip picture changed my life. Total insanity.

Brendan said...

Thank the skate gods who made it rain that day,thus making it impossible for Jamie to secrete a Benihana out over the Gonz Gap at EMB.
Mopping that fecal matter of a "trick" up would have taken forever.

The Chez said...

This was an awesome spotlight. Back in the day you could film a part in a week but with how he was changing the scope of things it's crazy to think he did this in a day.

Dustin Umberger said...

whenever I see Jamie's shaved head circa '95 I always think about that gnarly head smacker when he was skating the black square rails from Welcome to Hell ("oh my god, oh my god") Hails to the Chief!