chrome ball incident x transworld skateboarding #4

Number 4 on the list is easily the best skateboarding interview in the last 10 years: AVE's road to recovery, April 09.

“It’s a story that needs to be told.”

A very different Anthony Van Engelen re-emerges from the Mind Field and comes clean about getting clean in his second Spotlight. Never one for nonsense, this is AVE pulling no punches as he describes his descent into a world where most never comeback. An inspiring read.

AVE SAVES. (Late Pass)


Taylor said...

Saved this issue and look back at AVE's interview often. Easily in my top 5 list.

Anonymous said...

'Waiting for the man'? The romanticism of the subject is a huge contradiction. Devote fan of Black Sabbath AND God fan? Its like ku klux watching the Cosbys. AVE's skating is sick though. No disputing that.

austin said...

Anonymous, you're not very smart.

Anonymous said...

seriously anonymous, you could've picked any other band that ave likes but you picked sabbath? ever heard 'after forever'? black sabbath were semi-low key christian as fuck.

Jaime Lozano said...

Ran into AVE at house of blues for a NOFX show...I was all "your mind field part was sick." He just rolled his eyes and got all pissy. FUCK AVE! I only know him as the cry baby throwing his shoes in Feedback and as the blonde guy with cornrows who rode for the workshop. He's skating doesn't stand out to me. When I think AVE I only think Dill's sidekick. Kooker

For the record he's mind field part was ok. I was just trying to be nice and give him some props. Last time I'll do that