chrome ball incident #805: fast as you can

...like a fucking wrecking ball.

One of the Godfathers of Street (though he kills just about everything), Mr. Eric Dressen.

Classic Transworld interview from '89 among other goodies.

Notice the Bulldog Cafe shirt... that's the same joint that would inspire Frankie Hill's graphics a year or so later. Nerd-out!

CBI will be back on Thursday. Everybody be safe out there.


The Chez said...

Always liked the speed with which he approached anything shown in the old Speed Wheels and Santa Cruz videos. Adaptable would be the word I would use to surmise his style.

Brendan said...

Yeah! Had to laugh when I noticed the Bulldog Cafe shirt that Hill got his graphic from!
Like a wrecking ball,sums up Eric D perfectly.
Always thought it was inevitable that he would end up on Santa Cruz,being sponsored by Indy & Speed Wheels.

Brendan said...

Not to mention his back to back NSA World Street Champion,while on DogTown.
Legendary Status.

The 33King Network said...

Dogtown Suicidal 4Life

stephen said...

Fuck yeah. He's a real skater's skater if that makes sense. Was roommates with Eric and some other heads for a few years back in the mid to late 90's. During his 151 era. Seen him go through some ups and downs but he was always a real solid dude. Nice guy. can skate everything really well too. Some of my favorite memories from that time were rolling to the Ventura park with Eric and having everybody treat us like royalty. No charge, no pads, after hours. Remember Eric would just head right to the vert ramp no pads, with a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood on. Drop in and just wreck shit. Loud ass lien to tails and body jars. Like right outta the car! He'd always have his dog 'pookie' with him everywhere too. Fun times. haven't seen him in ages and I don't remember him being too tech/computer savy back in the day so not sure if he reads these blogs but if you do Eric, whats up bro!

Mackenzie said...

Ha! Whattup Steve! Hope things are good on your end man. Some good memories for sure. No fucking rules! I remember Eric doing the black hood thing at Palmdale. Or at Paul Revere he would just fly down all the sets of stairs in a row. Eric D is a Jedi! Sick one Chops!

FYI Steve, Robbie is about to move out to Maui to live in Flo's guest house! Come out to CA so we can skate a pool again.
Peace man. Mackenzie

stephen said...

Hey mackenzie! Sic.. Good to hear from you. I'm cool... Busy doin the family thing. Shit, I haven't seen you or flo or Robbie since your wedding prolly. Haha. I'm not the best at keeping in touch. sorry for hijacking Eric D's comments page chops. Awesome post though. Really respect Dressen's skating. remember that gap he did at Santa Monica beach where he pushed along the tops of the ledges and Ollied that like 8? Foot gap. The thing was I'll never understand how he could get the speed because there was a three inch gap between the ledges on the run up like every 8 feet. That was fuckin sick and it kinda flew under the radar a little at the time. Was it in the 151 vid or maybe some 411 profile? Anybody know what I'm referring to?? Hahaha. Whatever, it was sick. Dressen was a good skater.

Keith said...

Dressen has a nice loose truck style... especially in Risk It.

That Harring story is pretty cool.

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