chrome ball incident #722: swallowed whole

"We're not playing by these rules. We're gonna have our own rules."

Special double dip tonight featuring a man who needs no introduction... especially on this site: Mr. Steve Rocco.

God, I miss this dude.

Beyond influential.

...and that SMA Rocco Division logo still looks amazing.

And on the bottom here is one of Steve's favorite ways to antagonize an entire generation, the chicken hawk of skateboarding: Chris Branagh.

...the thought of this turd sharing an ad with Henry just makes me nauseous.

Big up to Crailtap, Skateboarder Magazine and the fine folks over at Scumco & Sons.

Thanks for all the support out there.


Leiv said...

Any way we could get an enlarged version of the final jpeg?

chops said...

good lookin' out, Leiv.


Leiv said...


Bif said...

I know this is going to piss off a lot Christians when I say/write this... The only second coming I care about it the second coming of Steve Rocco. Skateboarding needs that dude real bad, things are too stale right now.

Great post Chops.

Keith said...

I like that SMA Rocco Division logo as well. I didn't really care for it back then but I dig it now.

Who is that in the first shot?

In that hotel ollie pic... is that a freestyle board? It looks too big but the board looks way too straight and symmetrical for a full size deck back then.

That FTC ad with Henry and Branagh... was that pre-Real for Henry? Am Henry?

I remember our shop got one Branagh pro model (the one with the thugs throwing him over a bridge) and a dude I skated with bought it! He shaved off the graphics though lol

The transition of World from Rubbish Heap to Love Child was drastic... basically a complete reboot. Slowly turn over the majority of the team and replace with a bunch of new kids. Didn't know what to expect. None of those guys had much coverage aside from Jovontae. Watching the new generation in Love Child was pretty nuts. 92 was crazy... Questionable, Pack of Lies, Love Child. All with Rocco's fingerprints on them.

The impact of Rocco Division SMA had a lot to do IMO with timing and the general state of skateboarding at the time. The transition from vert to street popularity and the big 5 (or 3 or 4) non-skater owned companies cornering the industry, something had to give. Who knows when a shift of this proportion will happen again.

Anonymous said...

'The Double Dip' is one of my favorite World ads. It's perfect!

Wondering what Rocco would do if he was to return? Should he make a comeback after all he's created?


Leiv said...

"Should he make a comeback after all he's created?"

No way. His time has come and gone.

stephen said...

I feel a little bad for Branagh... If his parents weren't such douches he might have gone farther in the sk8board game. He was actually pretty good. I don't know the full dynamic of what transpired between Rocco and his family or how much of a brat he really was but he was rippin it up at a young age for sure. You can't deny that.

Fuck... My word verification is "inuout"

Hahaha, I guess that sums it up.

stephen said...

Oh... And Rocco, that dude is epic. I like that crail grab wallride pic of him too. I don't remember seeing that before. I love that trick though: it's easy, feels/looks rad, and is still something most old crusty Nyjah Huston Rise and Shine hatin geezers can pull. Haha, kidding a little... I was really impressed with Nyjah's skills but I doubt a vast majority of skaters will be watching that in ten years from now reminiscing about it like gonz's part in video days. I guess you can say that about any modern video part though... Times have changed.

K said...

Question: Where is Chris Branagh now and what the hell is he doing?

Also...what happened to that dude Jed who rode for World?

Giles said...


Re the board in the Ollie shot: that was his Sims street model. Had some nose, was on the thinner side for the time. Kind of like the GSD board. And like GSD, he was an early attempt to market a street skater, but he didn't have the skills of Gonz and Natas, so it kind of fell flat.

He found some other ways to make his impact....pure genius.

Anonymous said...

branagh in Love Child...the only part in a major skate video that i could actually outdo.

except maybe sean mortimer...

tictac said...

I always heard Chris was demoted from pro status after his last video part before he was kicked off World.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone got a lifetimes supply of boards by supplying Rocco with the name of that oriental girl?

Anonymous said...

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