chrome ball incident #723: dragons and bats

"Skateboarding is the enlightenment. It's a way of life, a movement toward will power and control, though it ought to be enlightened by motivation."

All thing considered, the best skateboarder ever: Steve Caballero.

Just picked up one of these today. Stoked.

Big up to Peel.


Leiv said...

One of my all time favorite Thrasher covers is from 2000(?), it’s an old B&W of Cab doing a corner air in a pool looking completely backwards at the camera while he is coming in. So gnarly.

Also is that grip tape on the deck in the 11th picture? For inverts?

One great thing about living in Japan is that CBI gets updated during the day while I’m at work.

Anonymous said...

that one-footed tail grab was on my wall. style personified. go watch his spine run from Ban This on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

The ruler. First board I ever had.

Keith said...

great post! 1 footed ollie over the can is huge.

Cab is a living legend. Consummate professional and seems like one of the nicest guys around.

clew said...

Pretty sick how those last shots are about 15 years apart, yet almost identical...and surely, they both could re-create it today.

CMV said...

Watching CAB skate makes you want to skate everything with style. Can't believe he has been on Powell for years. Good looking out Chrome Ball on the post!