chrome ball incident #635: zoinks

Q: What was the last dream you had?
A: That I wasn't scared of big handrails.

Really been digging on this dude as of late. King of the switchflips, Stefan Janoski.

And I gotta admit, I've totally slept on this part. Super good.

Alright guys, I'm gonna have to cut this week short. Sorry about this but sometimes life gets in the way. Simply put, I have some family stuff going on that is honestly just far more important than this. I apologize.

Thanks for all the support out there.

CBI will return on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Bunch of stuff from Mosaic, which is my fave Janoski part.

Thanks and good luck with whatevs your dealing with.

Quel said...

the expedition alone part was one of my favourites when it came out.

It's been awhile since I've seen it. I also like the Leeper part.

Lucas said...

Didn't Janoski leave Expedition for Habitat the month he turned pro?

Sorry to hear about your family situation. Looking forward to your return.

Keith said...

I didn't even know he turned pro for EXP-1. With the popularity of his shoe right now, I wonder if that deck would fetch a pretty penny. Not sure why but his shoe isn't popular where I live. I think I've seen maybe 2 kids ever wearing them.

I didn't even know anything about him until Mosaic lol But I was super stoked on his part and the song selection.

The colour composition of that Slap cover looks funny to me.

Thoughts and prayers for the chops family.

Mika said...

Family first!!! Wish all the best, that things will turn to the good side.

rob e beats said...

His Mosaic part just kills.

Our thoughts are with you holmes. You know anyting we can do, we will. All you have to do is call.

Anonymous said...

That first Janoski ad with the switch flip and the birds was one of my favorite ads ever. Direction is so nice in that one. Timeless sw/flip. Thanks!