i am i be #636

an extra large helping of the MC today as I feel I owe you guys after bailing early last week. I hope this makes up for it. one of my all-time faves, for sure.

...and that b&w backside smith flick alone has gotta be more than worth the price of admission.

thanks for all the emails and support out there. things are good... really good actually.

an abd interview is coming up later on this week and a cbi one for the following week. stoked on both.

special thanks to jim t and deluxe, brink, eric l, keith chan, scumco nick, rob e beats and ms peel.

thank you skateboarding.


ATM said...

Dammit, Chops, rad post and a great way to end my birthday weekend. Thank you.

Keith said...

welcome back e. glad to hear all is good on your end.

Carroll on DC always kinda bugged me out. Seemed like a weird fit. Same with Howard and SJ. MC and SJ were always synonymous with half cabs to me.

kick flip in the kook commandments is great. funny list.

tair ad is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, Chops. And glad things are going well. Great return post.

Anonymous said...

I had that FTC ad on my wall throught all of high school. I loved those classic FTC ads.

dude said...

"Hate: Drinking, smoking and Jake Phelps."


Anonymous said...

back smith master.
all time fav for sure.

Five-o Cheapster said...

Sick post Chops.

Dill said...

No pics from when MC played Joel Fleischman on Northern Exposure?!

Stevie Ites said...

The frontside flip over the handrail is all that's right about MC. Iconic.

Lucas said...

The backside heelflip on the Sal board captures the era perfectly.

chops said...

happy belated birthday, ATM.

Lucas, i loved that Sal slick. I think I'd just about kill to one of those today. Easily one of the best graphics Plan B ever had, you don't really see that one too much.

thanks guys.

Adams Selymes said...

MC´s pure raw street skating!
Goldfish and Virtual Reality are his best part ever!

O Bom filho a casa retorna!
Welcome back Chops, nice post!