Guest Post: Keith Hufnagel

the ollie pop lord talks about some of his all-time favorite flicks.

**The Huf Incident**

I was such a fan of Jason Lee and Gonz in the day... I loved Blind until they left the company. I remember one time them showing up to the Brooklyn Banks and ripping. I was just a little kid but I was so stoked to watch them skate.

I wanted to grab an older photo of Gonz but this one is just too epic. Look how skinny the ledge is! You would have to be Gonz to try this. AHHHHHHHHH!

I had this one on my wall as a kid. This is the photo that made me want to learn how to do 360 kickflips. I remember always watching Jason and Jovantae do them in videos and wanting to do 360 flips like that.

I've been a big fan of Guy Mariano ever since the Blind video. I never really liked watching little kids skate but he always had so much style.

Guy did every trick in the world 10 years before anyone else did. Much respect.

This photo defines the period when I first moved to SF in '92 and would chill at EMB. Mike was always there and became a great friend. I've always been a fan of his skating.

All I can think of when I look at this photo is Del the Funkee Homosapien... and what the hell is going on with Mike's hair?!

Doing ecstasy with Mike and going to raves... damn, those were the days!

I saw Sean in front of Skate NYC one day. He was doing the hugest ollies in the street. All I wanted to do was ollie high after that.

This was always the sickest photo to me. Julien Stranger after the '89 earthquake. Seeing him ollie so big off a natural bump back then. Damn! You know I had this one on my wall as well.

Phil Shao. I was there in Las Vegas the day this photo was taken. I wanted to ollie off that myself but was too scared. Phil is the man. He also ollied up that huge ledge as well. No one knows that shit except for Blanch. Most stylish skater ever.

R.I.P. Phil. We miss you.

I had to have this one as part of my top 10. Ray Barbee is one of the steeziest guys out there. He was always innovating and pushing the limits of street skating. Style for days.

Epic Cardiel photo. If you ever go to Ft. Miley, go as fast as you can to this hip and try to bust a fat ollie. After you try for a few hours, call me up and tell me how fucked up this shit is. It is fucking epic. I only know of 3 people that can ollie off of this hip this high! Amazing!

Alright, I just realized that my picks are almost all ollies... fuck it.

Shit is tight!


special thanks to Jaycee and to Huf for coming through once again.


chops said...

Thanks again to Huf for taking the time. The only skater in CBI history to do both an interview and a guest post. So stoked.

Dude is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

WAIT WHAT? shao ollied UP it? ok my brain is officially closed.

welch said...

way sick.

Unknown said...

facemelt. amazing. this is gonna b a great week.

Huckleberry Hart said...

Wow. Gotta save this one for another go around. Just too much for one sitting.

Anonymous said...

That Stranger photo is amazing. It is so rad that one of the few (compared to other pros) photos he gets is of him skating a bump made by an earthquake, what a raw but distinctly Californian thing to skate. Also that Shao caption makes me think about all the cool shit that never made it onto film. There must be some incredible bangers out there that only live on through the spoken word.


clug said...

So good. Thanks chops.

Mika said...

Sick post- Cheers Huf, well done.
I like it that in the pics is featured the king of tricks- The Ollie.
Sean Sheffey, still on Shut Skateboards and the Twin Towers in the backround, or julien Stranger SF earthquake bump ollie. Great selection, almost like a history lesson. Always loved the Jason Lee 360 flip pic. Hung on my wall for years.
Phil Shao´s ollie is just one word- impossible!
Have been to Ft. Milley and that hip is indeed frustrating to skate.
Respect to Huf and Chobs for setting up one of the best posts ever. Thanks for making my day

Jeremy M. Lange said...

Found the Slap poster of that Phil photo in a tube at my mom's house recently, thought it was gone forever. Too happy to have come across it.
And I had the same reaction when I was told he ollied up it. Really?
The best.
Thanks for the post. I had forgotten about the Stranger photo, and the others are great choices.

Wille said...

Epic picks!

The Chez said...

Phil Shao. I love that a lot of the skaters still have love for him. He was definitely one of the best. Great post.
Anyone know who shot the Shao picture?

iSapien1956672 said...

that Street Symposium issue of Transworld, that the Barbee photo is in, has to be one of the best issues ever.

Keith said...

Super post!

Guest posts always have such good picks.

The Julien earthquake ollie is awesome. I remember that issue.

Shao photo is amazing.

Never been to Fort Miley but that Cardiel ollie still looks massive.

dan77 said...

Huf has some good taste. All killer no filler. That photo of Carroll is also one of my all time favorites.I'm a huge Phil Shao fan but had never seen that pic before. He's even gnarlier in my eyes now, RIP Phil. I also believe he's another one of the three that can hit the top bar at Fort Miley, Thrasher cover. Anyone know who the third person would be? Anyways, great post, keep em comin!

Alex Valich said...

I remember being with Keith at The Banks that day with Ray Mate and a few other heads from Brooklyn. Jason and Gonz showed up and were sharing a board. Jason has some red hair dye in or something and everyone just stood there in awe. Nobody wanted to get up and skate, everyone just watched. I think it was one of those moments in NYC skateboarding that alot of people remember and it only lasted maybe 20-30 minutes but seems like it was 5-6 hours. I know I will never forget that day.

Great group of pics as always Huf... #DBC

Anonymous said...

Phil Shao picture is so incredible. I remember this amazing footage of him in a 411 intro, an early one, doing this massive backside 180 from bump to bump across a channel at Santa Rosa or Palo Alto skatepark, it was so huge and he looked amazing all the way through.

Chris said...

Great selection – not a weak photo in the mix. CBI + Huf is a good combination.

R.I.P. Phil Shao.


keith ,good win also at the brisbane,australia casino back in the day. yyyeaaaahhhhhhh

Ballantine XXX 40 oz., RIP said...

Dan no.77...I'm pretty sure the third to hit the top bar was Jackson Taylor. I was watching videos for Forties clothing (great stuff)and the footage is in this link, if it works. He does a f/s Smith: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoUxKWNgFwE

I remember a Thrasher issue saying he was so good/underground, with a pic of him doing a f/s flip. And a Big Brother issue saying he got a beer can tattoo.

Anonymous said...

damn that was a amazing post Phil actually ollied up that thing?!! and the stranger photo! classic huf is the man. thanks chops

Anonymous said...

RIpsaw attack! Is that the right term? This is good skating, but I wish they'd be nearly as half as the awesomeness of skating Blades of Glory style.

from http://www.GoToMaverick.com

pupape said...

How exactly do you ollie up that wall? Shao was amazing...

Jamie said...

Pretty sure dawes took the phil photo on a new Mexico/Vegas trip with the think and deluxe teams. It was a slap poster in 94 or 95 I think.

Jonas said...


Anonymous said...

One of (maybe more than) the three people...


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these are amazing pics, thanks to huf..can't ask for more

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