chrome ball interview #23: davis torgerson

Real Week begins as CBI sits down with Torgy for conversation.

So Davis, counting all these internet segments and homie videos, Since Day One is like your 10th part this year (laughs). Are you psyched on it? Did you get everything you wanted to get?

Yeah, I'm pretty psyched on it. I got to go up to Wolfe's editing den in SF and go through all the footage we had so I felt pretty good after that. I feel like there’s always tricks that you’ve tried and didn't get but I guess that just comes with filming for a video part.

On the serious tip, your Flow Trash part was amazing as well as that Berrics Recruited you had. Most people tend to stockpile their footage for their board sponsor but you’re just giving that stuff away like candy. Are you just having fun with your skating right now? Was there ever a time during all this where you felt overwhelmed with all the deadlines and the ever-present camera?

Thanks man. I’ve always loved the videos that my friends would do back home so I definitely wanted to be a part of Flow Trash. A lot of my footage in that one was stuff that was too old to use in the Real video anyway, like all the Nike footage. And yeah, there were definitely times filming for the video where I was trying a trick and I’d be a little more stressed out than usual… but now that it's over, I can look back and laugh at myself.

So how long did you film for your Real part anyway? And how do you go about building your part? Do you make lists? Do you go on trips and just film everything? What’s your process?

I've been filming it for a little over two years now. I think in the beginning, it's more of just skating around and filming whatever you can. As the process goes on, it does get a little harder because you don't wanna repeat a bunch of the same tricks. I think for me towards the end, its more thinking of differest tricks that I really wanted to do… otherwise, I would just end up filming another back tail or something (laughs).

So as of this writing, the new Real video is all finished with the premiere still a few weeks away. How are you coping with the wait? Are you nervous about the reaction your part will get?

I haven't really thought about that. I'm just really excited to go up to SF and celebrate with everyone. The wait is starting to feel a little long though, I'm definitely really anxious to see the video!

Who’s part are you most looking forward to seeing in Day One?


Alright Davis, back to basics: how did you get introduced to skateboarding and what was your first board? Who were some of your favorite pros back in the day?

I used to play every sport when I was a kid. But when my dad got me a skateboard, I just slowly started to move toward that. I was over going to practice and having coaches telling me what to do. I think it was an Element board that he got me. But I remember right away, I was really psyched on Geoff Rowley. I must’ve had like 6 or 7 Flip boards in a row after I started.

Best thing about skateboarding in Minnesota?

When you're done skating, just jump in the nearest lake to cool down!

Now for those that don’t know, the scene up in Minnesota is one of the most hardcore, hometown-pride-havingest scenes on the planet. While most kids from the Midwest tend to move away and quickly forget their roots, this is hardly the case up there. Is it the harsh winters that serve to bond you guys so strongly? What do you think it is about that scene that produces such a die-hard loyalty?

I feel like a lot of the older guys up there put down a real strong foundation on the scene. And in a way, I feel like the winters do bond us together because all winter long, we only have one skatepark to skate: 3rd Lair. We all just see each other and skate with each other so often at the park during the winter.

Who’s your favorite old school Minnesota (Vertisota?) skater? Justin Lynch? Dave LeRoux? ...Steve Nesser? (I think I showed my age with those other dudes.)

Oh man, that's a toughie. Actually I always looked up to the dudes that rode for the old local shop Fobia: Steve Nesser, Chad Benson, Dan Jackson, Andy Paulson, Rob Sissi... the list could go on for a while.

Now the first time I recall hearing about you was after your amazing Boondoggle part. That one really seemed to put you on the map. The Nollie Hurricane really blew minds. Did you have any idea while you were filming that part that it would get so much attention? And were you already sponsored when that came out or did that happen in the video’s aftermath?

A lot of people come up to me and mention that Boondoggle part. It trips me out because when I was filming for it, I had no idea how many people would actually see it. I just thought we were all just filming for a homie video from Minnesota.

I think about midway through filming for that video, Darin started hooking me up with Real flow. That definitely got me psyched.

Now is Real your first sponsor? How’d you hook up with them? Sponsor-me tape?

I used to ride for this old local company called Roots a while ago. But with Real, I think Darin actually saw me at one of the Tampa contests and somehow got a hold of some of my footage. He called me up after I got back to Minnesota and asked if I wanted some Real boards, which was one of the best phone calls I've ever received.

I can imagine. Now I have to wonder… with all this coverage you’ve been getting as of late and with another new part waiting in the wings, has their been any talk of you turning pro? I know Real always seems to move kinda slow on this, really making their ams work for the pro dip. Is this something that’s been brought up yet? Do you think you’re ready?

I haven't heard anything but I like it when companies take their time the way Real does. I'm in no rush. I'm really psyched with the way things have been falling into place this year and I just want to try to keep it going after the Real video comes out.

Now I know we can’t talk about your current shoe situation so tell me what the process is like that goes into making one of those Berrics Recruited parts? Is it just a few intensive weeks in a dark warehouse with one light on? And like Mikey Taylor said, is it hard to come up with new stuff to film on those obstacles since so many talented skaters have already done so much? How does making that part compare to something more long-term and drawn out like the Real video where you put in years on your part?

It's pretty intense. In a way, it's like filming a street video part. You have to think about what has been done and try and think of new shit to skate and stuff to do. The Real video is obviously more travelling and you almost have to be more patient filming for that as you get kicked out and everything. But its also just as easy to get frustrated at the Berrics because no one is going to kick you out. You know you have all day.

Interesting point. Now you’ve come up pretty quick. Do you ever find yourself getting starstruck in some of the situations you find yourself in… like Ronnie Creager judging you in Battle at the Berrics 4?

Sometimes I'll trip out on stuff like that, but I don't think I've ever gotten like "starstruck". More like I’ll just think my head, "damn, I remember watching this dude all the time as a kid." (laughs)

(laughs) How is it competing in the Battle 4 anyway? Nerve-racking? You’re first round win was amazing… is it really as hard as people make it out to be? With the silence and the slick floor? And who do you think is ultimately going to take it all?

It was definitely nerve-racking! I think for my battle there were like 50 people there and it would be dead silent while you were skating. I was shaking during my first two tricks. I've got my money on Luan Oliveira taking the whole thing, I’ve see him skate flatground in-person and it’s insane.

What’s one thing about the Berrics that surprised you during your first visit there?

I was surprised by how slick the floor really is.

So now that your career is really starting to take off, are you going to move to California or stay in Minnesota? That long of a drive has got to get old pretty quick.

I'm just kind of winging it at the moment, but I might be in California for the next couple of years. I actually just drove my car out here from Minnesota with my lady just a couple of weeks ago. I've done the drive before by myself though... I'll never do that again (laughs).

So what’s next on the agenda for you? You gonna relax for a bit or is there something else you have to start working on?

Keep skating. I just did that road trip with my girlfriend from Minnesota. That was a little break to relax. We went to the Grand Canyon and shit.

I just want to start filming again for something new.

I'm sure you'll kill it. Good luck out there.

special thanks to Davis, Jeff Vallee, Damon Thorley and Deluxe.


Anonymous said...

Davis Rips!

Can't wait to see what else you have coming up this week!

chops said...

More than a few typos and misc. errors in there due to Blogspot formatting issues. Should hopefully all be fixed by now.

Sorry about that.

ATM said...

Thanks for making the wait until the 11th a little bit more bearable. I anxiously await a stupid long Dennis Busenitz post.

Also, kinda funny that he said Ernie's part was the one he was most looking forward to. Not hating, just saying.

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Anonymous said...

Great interview with a real up-and-comer. (no pun intended).

Solid read.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Davis since first seeing Boondoggle a few months ago. I can't wait to see his new Real part.

sprntrl said...

Minnesnowta represent! Great interview Chopps. Can't wait to peep his part in the Real Vid. The kid is truly the next generation of MN skaters, making us all proud.

Keith said...

Good interview E. Kinda don't keep up with current ams. I thought he was a kid from Scandinavian.

Berrics clip was good (fakie ollie sw feeble!?) Same with the other two!

Anonymous said...

nollie hurricane was ender in boondoggle yo

chops said...

whoops, you're right. fixed it. good lookin' out.

r. dahl said...

wow. never seen anything negative here before. i'm lovin this kid. for whatever reason he stands out in an otherwise overcrowded and mostly boring to watch am crowd.

Terry Ferkey said...

Davis is the illest brother out there. Twin Citties stand up!

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