chrome ball incident #606: shit luck

beyond classic tempster pro spotlight from tws, 1991.

I know he doesn't really seem to care for his earlier, "flatter" works but I still have a soft spot for them. The layouts in this thing are still amazing.

and I remember that impossible to nosebluntslide sequence really scorching some retinas when it came out later that year.

In other news, our prayers have been answered. hallelujah.

special thanks to my man chris and condo nick.


t.a. said...

That nosegrind-the-kinker will always be a favorite. Right on!

Danny said...

I wish airwalk would make quality kicks like the ones ol templeton is rockin that way I can afford some nice knock off dunks sick post chops!

Anonymous said...

WOW that one foot is really kicked out. I love when kids call them "ollie norths" and I then tell them that name arose from the Tony Hawk games. They then get embarrassed that they are referencing the Hawksters game. That episode of Kalis and Lennie is probably on of the better episode. Tempster rules.

Anonymous said...

Ollie north was legit. Everyone in Houston in 90-91 called them that. Also H-street ollie was occasionally used.

Anonymous said...

ollie north was named after oliver north he was involved in a big government scandal in the lat 80ies.
in ottawa, canada one foots where called lumberjacks.
right keith?

Keith said...

lol... lumberjack? come on! I've never even heard that term used for a trick.

They've always been one footed ollies to me. There was something called a mad ollie back in the day... could have been a one footer but I don't really remember.

Early 90's Ed looks amazing in his photos. He's one of those guys I think looks better in photos than in footage. JMO!

I remember there was a time when E refused to put one footer photos on CBI lol

stephen said...

dude, people have been calling them ollie norths WAY before the tony hawk game...

Anonymous said...

"Mad ollie" was a one footed ollie to tail...named after the "Madonna" (one footed lien to tail, usually performed on a ramp).

ODG said...

I think the comments on that impossible noseblunt slide was by Hawk or someone of that caliber, right?

"Impossible noseblunt to fakie..as if our eyes weren't already scorching"

I don't know why I remember these things. Anyway, sick post.

mikebythesun said...

I always thought that Ed did impossibles way too much, but I guess somebody had to take that trick to the next level. And damn he had some skills. All in all, Ed definitely gets a thumbs up in my book - he has certainly stood the test of time.

Plus, I like the story of how he had to shit so bad once he couldn't make it to his front door, so he dropped his pants and shit outside.

"Ollie North" was definitely a legit name. It wasn't made up for a video game. It certainly was being used in Jersey in the early 90s.