chrome ball incident #583: spontaneity

"hey, how's everyone doing this year?"

I didn't even know NMB advertised.

Never seen this before. Still stoked on this.

Figured I'd start the week out some Blender action... double rail bart transfer always gets me hyped.

Had a great weekend and finally got some rest... definitely feelin' good and not nearly so "doomed" anymore. Sorry about that.

Definitely hyped on this week. Next three posts will be rippers that have yet to grace chrome ball's humble abode and I did get that edit approved so look for an interview on Friday.

And in other news, wowsers!

Big up to Quartersnacks, Mr. Max Schaaf, Jamie Owens and Robert Brink.


some poser said...

Blender is gold

fabo les skates said...

I see a turquoise small brick/Tile transition at about 4 feet high. It stops just at vertical. There's sparklets of water everywhere, There's small white dogs who cherish ability and concern themselves with you. Theres a shrine for selfdom, theres insense, theres some girls with blocked haircuts who are wearing mohair sweaters

cuz we fabo les

Keith said...

Fibrelite board sounds like such a bad idea! Fibreglass + foam on a skateboard!?

I like that 2003 TWS cover. Is the blendery2k interview from that issue? Never seen that one.

r. dahl said...

best tall guy style ever. fluid scarecrow.

Cris said...

The f/s wallride with Swank in the foreground was always one of my favorite shots.

Thanks for posting, as always.

Lucas said...

Keith: That Blender interview is from TWS's Y2K issue; I think Chris Lambert was on the cover.

The Chez said...

Never enough Blender. Really wish I could have seen this guy skate in person. So different than anyone else. Such a different way of thinking.

Unknown said...

What some poser, dahl and chez said.

If you were to do more frequent '80s/vert stuff on here, I for one wouldn't complain.