Guest Post: Gino Iannucci

Long Island's finest talks about some of his all-time favorite flicks.

**The Gino Incident**

It's hard to choose a favorite photo of Natas so I just picked this fence plant. It sums up that era pretty well. His style you don't need video to love.

This photo brings me back to a spot in Long Island (Lynbrook West End school) where we'd do fence plants all day.

One of my original favorite skateboarders and had the pleasure of working with him during my 101 days. One of the most creative, humble and down-to-earth guys I've met.

When I think of Matt, the best back lips come to mind first. Great style... hunchback, low to the ground.

Second is the sequence of a quarter pipe ollie to 50/50 on some weird rail. I would rewind the video footage of this trick in Hokus Pokus all the time. He did it so smooth... popped the board up into his hand and the crowd went crazy. He was extra skied, too. It just looked like it felt amazing to him.

I was never really a Hosoi fan (sorry Christian). I guess because he was high on himself and cocky and all that... I've always hated that shit! Plus I'm the complete opposite, more reserved... but shit man, everytime I see this photo of his staple Christ air, I wonder how it must feel to fly like that.

Now that I'm older, I have mad respect for the man. He's done a lot, been through a lot and he's a legend for sure.

One of the best street skaters ever with one of the best styles ever.

Don't sleep cuz if you remember his part in Video Days, his vert section was just as smooth and stylish as his street footage. Thats why I choose this buttery backside ollie. Very influential to skateboarding.

Like Jason, one of my faves on street. If you check out Rubbish Heap though, you'll see Mike V has just as much style and skills on vert. Therefore, I chose this tailgrab on a mini.

Another very influential skater.

I always loved this flick. Lady bitching and Brian either keeping the peace or being sarcastic... can't tell but love the 39mm wheels.

After he disappeared from the scene for a few years, he came back around and through Dave Schlossbach, I got to meet and skate with Brian for a few weeks while trying to start a new company under World.

His switch frontside flips on flat were butter!

The best skateboarder ever!

I cant remember why he was in NYC but I was at the banks this day. I think he landed this noseslide and cracked his tail to the ground but still rode away. All the heads were buggin.

D Way skating the banks on some raw shit was memorable.

Henry on the EMB bricks! Nuff said.

Pack of Lies will always be on the top of the favorite vids list. So raw. I first saw that vid while I was on a trip to Cali staying with Lucero. I was at the Black Label warehouse in the editing room and after the vid was over, I can't remember if I got skied and went to Huntington High will Dill or felt like going home. Either way, I was moved.

You too, Tim!

Classic check-out.

I think this came out after his part in Video Days which was weird cuz there was no reason to check him out after that vid. Still, as we all know, that vid is a classic and to see such a young kid come correct like that... you couldn't help but love him.

Transworld cover was amazing. Switch pop fake 5/0! Nobody was getting teck like that on rails back then and that was a legit rail. Ahead of the times always.

This video changed skating forever for me and I gotta believe for everyone else so I had to pay my respects.

After Hokus Pokus came out, I started skating in NYC a lot more... meeting skaters from all over. Basically it was on from that vid forward to today. Slo-mo skatecamp footage was mesmerizing. Lovely!

Thanks a lot to Eric at Chrome Ball for letting me reminisce a little and remember why I love skateboarding.


special thanks to Gino, Ray Mate and the Mighty Healthy.


chops said...

Humbled and grateful.

And most of all, stoked.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This was great. I always love reading/hearing what Gino has to say, (and watching him skate, goes without saying). Great selections and reasoning.
Nice work Chops, thank you. And thank you Gino, Poets shoe looks great by the way.

Anonymous said...


some poser said...

Henry and Jason!!! Gino's got good taste!

Royce said...

My head just blew up.

flannelflannel said...

happy birthday gino.

Galway Buzzers said...

Brilliant! there's footage of that noseslide:


@ 0:35

rob e beats said...

The shoe. The articles. The interviews. I have known you for 15+ years. I think it would be safe for me to say this post tops it all. Half-life.

iSapien1956672 said...

fuggin rad post, true gem pics Natas, Vallely, Hensley... we're on the saem page. Awesome Gino, surprised you didn't post the pic of you holding the box for Natas.
Another dope crhome post.

jason from oz said...

The Chrome Ball has been blessed with royalty. Awesome post and insight Gino other pro's.

ps I was such a fan of Gino in the 90's, I named my black cat after him (well it was either that or Salem)

Anonymous said...

Dope. Merci Gino !

cousin harold said...

So sick. I'm such a geek that I was dreading not agreeing with choices, but luckily I did totally. Spot on. Nice work, Gino

Anonymous said...

Made my day! Thank you ever so much for doing this blog. The best blog ever. Gino knows whats up, thats for sure. A Long Island Legend!

Andreas said...

I totally remember Hensleys FS Ollie to 50/50 and then popping the board to his hand and walking away. That was 1989 at an early Munster Monster Matership in Germany. That was also the year I started skating. Now more than 20 years later I still won't be able to do that trick ;-)

Anonymous said...

chops, you're the man!...Gino, the natas fence photo is forever. i could go on for days! props to both of you!




Anonymous said...

I was the same way with Hokus Pokus. I found it again a year ago on Bit torrent. Downloaded it and shared it with my 11 yr old son. Video still holds up. Great soundtrack.

TT's said...

Gino is the king. Such a rad post. Props. Ever notice that the Guy cover is pieced? after the first 2 frames a dude appears chilling on a ledge in the background. Always thought it was weird that TWS didn't at least photoshop the dude out. Still one of the best covers ever.

Anonymous said...

TT, I don't think it's pieced. The dude is there in all the frames, you just can't see him in the first two frames because he's behind Guy.

Anonymous said...

Where was the video of TWS cover? One of the few mags I've kept over the years, but I can't remember seeing video of that trick. Unreal post goes without saying.


I read that there was no video of the Guy cover, that Koston was there to get a trick, and Guy got a sequence. I could have that wrong.

Thanks Chops, again. Progress.

Anonymous said...

If I were to put my own together I would add in the sequence of Gino doing the back 3 in yeah right, and the switch noseslide at Stoney Brook, that is just a perfect fall day in the stoney brook one, then all the cold concrete and big buildings, what a great looking spot that was.

Keith said...

well done E!

It feels like Aquaman/cbi landing James Cameron/Gino.

All of his picks are solid. It's pretty cool that a dude as good as Gino that I look up to was psyched on the same dudes as I was before he blew up... Natas, Hensley, Vallely, Jason Lee. Guy, Henry, damn.

Loo Ganida said...

Love the picks!

Is it just me or does
Collin Provost look
exactly like DWay?

Keith said...

Just looking at the background of the Danny Way pic...

1. Blind Rudy Johnson Mr. J board.
2. ATM Click Gonz classic Vision graphic.
3. Harold Hunter is wearing the Devils jersey. BS Heel the bb wall.

411 coverage of that day

dedleg said...

Whew, awesome to say the least. It's amazing how you're able to get these fairly laconic individuals to really open up. I feel like these guest posts and interviews of yours are way more revealing than anything I've read in a mag.

GodBlessMattHensley said...

Thank you Gino for asserting that we're not all crazy for having the same eclectic tastes.

Hensley, D Way, and Jason Lee: definitely all-time picks.

What about you? When's the next Gino montage? Come on . . . I knew a kid that rocked a sweater vest for an entire summer after seeing your part.

Anonymous said...

the weird rail was in m√ľnster/germany ca 1988!

Anonymous said...

Bravo. This is huge Chops. You must be glowing these days.

Five-o Cheapster said...

First chance I got to post up a comment bro - but fantastic work yet again. Gino is tip top.

Anonymous said...

chrome ball incident - at the precipice of amazingand always killing it

Anonymous said...

this dude says hes not cocky but cant film cause he cant get over himself. everywhere he goes he has crazy fans and he wont even produce clips.i like skaters that skate. either put up or move on and let a youngster get that spot that you are milking. yeah i said it. so many people want the chance and he acts like he's so over it. love your skating gino but if its over just leave...dont drag it out and tarnish our memories.

Anonymous said...

Shame that the haters should come out and ruin this post.

Do you really think that Gino is stopping others having a chance and coming up?

People come up on merit and Gino has done more than enough to prove himself over the years.

Why not support someone coming towards to the end of their career instead of getting down on them?

Obviously it would be sick if he came out with something, but as I said before, he owes skating nothing as he's given so much to it already.

This post has got an older guy skating again, keep it up Chops!

And best of luck to Gino with whatever he decides, the guy will always be my favourite...

Agostinho said...

i havent even read this post yet

im saving it for the bus journey home from work


GINO IS GOD ! ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Hater,
I understand that folks like you make the world go around. Its hard to appreciate things that are real and pure without reading a perspective like yours. I'm sorry that your balls have no grease and your streets are so shiny. I'm sure u think street league is dope and the dew tour is whats up. It's ok, cuz cats like you make the real feel refreshed. Go put your mouthpiece in and hit that kink rail you bought at Dick's.

rthdghuyfy said...

The anonymous "hater" obviously have no clue what so ever about skateboarding.
Personally I do not like most of the skaters that skate nowadays anyway. Robots made in a factory/training facility to make as much money possible until the knees blow out.
"Yeah you said it" i'm in envy of your bravery. Gino Iannucci does whatever he want's to and that's one of the reasons he's my main inspiration forever.
He is not stealing jonny noname's chance to shine at all. Da Youngsta's need to relax and just skate. They will get their's if the got "it" like Gino. Maloof and all that bullshit MAtador/Monster is driving me insane!
Tarnish our memories, ha ha. Find a skateboarder with more integrity than Gino and let me know, please mr "i Said it"

Mattone said...

What up. I'm a big fan of the site and have been checking it for quite some time. Big fan of all the Aesthetics related posts you have done.

i have been searching unsuccessfully for an old Gino ad from late 90's. I believe it was a Stussy ad. it was a pic of him sitting on an Eames Lounge chair with a mini bong on the floor. Kinda random but would love to see it. Does this wacky description ring any bells?

Keep up the great work on CBI.

Unknown said...

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