chrome ball incident #529: ollie pop lord

"This is a poem/story that my friend Jamal Simmons wrote for me about growing up skating in New York City. I wanted anyone who reads this interview to read this story, because its probably a lot more interesting that reading pages of bullshit about me."

classic Huf spotlight from TWS, 1998.

big up to Brink and Jones at Sole Tech as well as the fine people over at Heel Bruise.

thanks for all the support out there.


billy said...

wow that poem was absolutely sick, i bomb a lot of the same hills in harlem going to school but the whole scene is so different now, makes me wish i was born 10 years earlier haha

sick blog by the way

Anonymous said...

I saw huf skating at Wallenburg back when HUF first opened in SF on sutter. There was a upward angled manual pad there, It was one of those times where someone is skating and their style is so amazing that you just sort of forget what you are working on and just watch them. He was incredibly consistent. He was doing back 180 sw/manual up the manual pad like it was nothing. It would launch you out a bit as well if you were skating up it. Really fun to watch in person, really refined.

K said...

uptown top ranking...s'all i gotta say

Keith said...

So many ollie photos!

DC had such a stacked team and was so legit back then.

Anonymous said...

few get higher.

JayCee said...

The first photo is one of my all time faves. I skated that bump quite a few times before I saw that photo and I was amazed at how high he got off that thing. It was a pretty short lived spot and I was bummed when they paved over it. Looking at the picture now, I wonder how the fuck he got that high. Obviously, he ollied that high. That's what he does. How do you ask someone something like that anyhow. "Yo, Keith. How did you get so high off the Bay St. bump in that Real ad?"

Y2Kade said...

One of the top three skateboarders that have mastered the art of the most fundamental trick in skateboarding. Photos don't do it justice... the guy skates faster than most.

Watts said...

Funny story about Huf. A few years ago my friend had Huf's # from when he came into town and we were all drunk one night when our friend Kris said he wanted to call him. So he calls him and gets voicemail and goes on to say what's up and talks about some interview he recently had in a mag saying "man I love watching you skate but can't you do something besides ollie? I mean ollie this, ollie that. Throw a flip trick out every once in awhile". He called back the next day wanting to know who he was and all this stuff.

Now we were, and are, huge Huf fans but just thought it was funny while drunk. Well, a few months later he has a interview come out and it was almost ALL gnarly flip tricks. It was the one where he halfcab flipped the SF Library gap and some other insane shit.

We were amazed and laughing because we all wondered if he thought about what Kris said. Probably not but it was fun anyhow.

The guy is sick! No way to argue it.