chrome ball incident #534: people get ready

no matter the get-up, Ethan always looks amazing riding a skateboard.

took a cue from the always excellent Vert is Dead after my man posted up Ethan's excellent Brain Floss article yesterday.

so stoked on Micke's Hammer article... perfect.

big thanks to templeton elliott, jay riggio and all the slap and sidewalk forum kids for the support.

looks like I can finally get an o.g. doll... can't believe how excited/hopeful I am to blow a paycheck on one of these.


Keith said...

all black crooked grind is huge!

I never knew he rode for msg.

Daher's kf over the sofa. So good!

ATM said...

Everything Ethan does is badass. And goddamn, it's pretty hard to resist bidding on one of those O.G. dolls.

rthdghuyfy said...

Hope you get one by Evan Hecox! He is by far my favourite now living artist (even got a tattoo with his artwork).

And Ethan Fowler is OG for sure, even though I liked him better before the long hair and the whateva/rockstar vibes Iv'e been feeling as of late.

Cool that he started his own board company, hope they are getting by.
That picture at fort miley in those half cabs, damn! Thank's for the pics/post!

Anonymous said...

That crook is insane. My boy's girl lived across the street and it's craze anyone even thought to skate that thing.

rorycbrown said...
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Keith said...

OG girl dolls are sick but damn... that's some solid dough!

rthdghuyfy said...

Keith, solid Skrilla but for a solid cause. If I had the money I wouldn't hesitate for a New York minute on a Evan Hecox doll.
Those prints on ebay ar not that expensive and works with my budget.

Anonymous said...

there was a fowler sequence at emb in thrasher a number of years back where he hucked a manual across a ledge at insane speed. he ollied from like 12 feet out. it was a beautiful thing.

ciaran said...

I remember that well - pretty sure it was at Pier 7, popped out of the tarmac incline (too flat to qualify as a kicker). 96 or 97 I think, proper next level shit.

Anonymous said...

That thunder ad is so dope!

Anonymous said...

Dude, somebody scan this mach 10 manual you speak of at pier 7! It sounds incredible.

chops said...



rthdghuyfy said...

Ollie pop lord #2!
How I wish that I would've been able to skate pier 7 when I was in town. The thing's that went down there over the years. Millions of epic lines/tricks.
Chris Pfanner pop, like his Firing line on thrashermagazine.com a couple of week's ago.
Thank's for the bonuspic.

Messner said...

The best charging in the biz. I love that bonus gap to manny seq. \

Frunt said...

Re: http://broadcastwheels.com/2010/1294/ethan-fowler-and-his-chromium-balls-of-steel/

"The Foundation of Stereo Television" I love that. you could add "a partaker of the Milk served in the cafeteria at Bummer High"