chrome ball incident #533: kung-fu

wanted to keep with the shut vibe today and have a bit of fun with mr. barker barrett.

transition master and overall interesting cat... the exact type dude I worry about fitting into skateboarding these days.


and for the sake of localism, been meaning to put pittsburgh ripper austin kanfoush's recent shuffl part up for the last week or so but have just had too much other shit going on.

dude kills it in this one... and his frequent flyer miles have gotta be through the roof. congrats holmes.


some poser said...

that Thunder ad is cool

Anonymous said...

Yes, always refreshing to see a Barker Barrett post!

rthdghuyfy said...
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Croupier said...

Such a silly, but memorable sequence. Greg Hunt and Barker, must have been a blast.

Dig the kid's speed. Beastly tre flip over that street gap.

Anonymous said...

More Barker


dj twit said...

that frontside shoveit pic is cracking. cheers!

Brett said...

was so stoked when we finally found and skated the "Barker rail" from the Airwalk ad.