chrome ball incident #525: summer song

raw street skating from the super o.g., tommy g.... not for fleas.

gotta say, that chain link flick still kills it damn near 25 years later. timeless style.

I remember always wanting to skate "the Dish" back in the day... until I heard I'd probably end up dead trying to do so.

another long weekend coming up, hopefully I can catch up on a few things... you know who you are and there's several of you. sorry.

chrome ball will return on tuesday.

big up to deluxe.


Keith said...

I've honestly never seen Future Primitive in its entirety.

TG's got such a sick style.

That one shot... the bs grab tweaked to the side with his back foot off the board... not intentional?

jason of oz said...

Photo #8. Probably one of favourite photo's of the 80's. Another awesome post chops.

smorales said...

So many good ones here. You rarely see good black and white skate photos anymore.

Loo Ganida said...

Hey Doc Brown, need to borrow the DeLoreon, gotta get to 87 so I can do Stalefish wallrides with TG at the skate ranch!
thank you chops!

dedleg said...

Wow, it hadn't occurred to me how seldom you do see nice b&w skate photos these days until I read smorales' comment. Sort of just took it for granted I suppose... so true though. What a shame!

Anonymous said...

right on loo. that flick took me back. and the inset shot of the whole place? goddamn... spent sooo many hours there. tommy chicken tops my favourite skaters of all time list. been there since the first time i saw future primitive. unshakable. thanks chops. fine work.

jason of oz said...

Hey Loo, funny you mention Doc Emmett Brown, because I was at a club in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) a couple of years ago and Christopher Lloyd came in. Thought he may have been looking for rubbish for the DeLoreon. Apparently he's got property in Tassie.

mikebythesun said...

Hell yeahs, Chops. What a way to start the great weekend! TG is truly a role model. Amazing innovator back in the day, amazing musician today. Living the dream for us all. Much respect to Tommy.

Anonymous said...

3rd picture down, I remember there was actually a time when skateparks were actually kind of cool, or maybe it was certain skaters that made them so. Phil Shao was another who could thrash a park like that and make it look like the place to be. 411 12 had a great palo alto or santa rosa contest, with both Tommy G. and Phil skating in it, and it looked honestly like the greatest park contest of all time.

Anonymous said...

like how the caption for the b/s ollie gestures towards a looming death knell for ft miley... most take it for granted but it's actually shocking that miley's still around

Anonymous said...

Saw TG on a Bones Brigade summer tour on Long Island one summer in the late 80s, pretty sure it was '88.

It was the first time I'd ever seen anyone ollie in to late grabs off a jump ramp--talking about huge, fully tweaked methods and crossbones and so forth.

Thiebauld was there, too, still doing early grabs (including insane 540s off the launch ramp), so you could tell that it was a big moment in the evolution of skating.

Also got to see Tommy skate the Safeway curb in SF, so fast, so smooth, totally mindblowing. That would probably have been '89.

There's a little tiny grass gap in my tiny home town that I learned to ollie, copying the ollie over the bushes in Future Primitive. My little gap used to seem so epic, and even now that I'm old and sucky it seems so tiny, which just shows how much things have changed since then.

Keith: pretty sure that was a one footed method, on purpose; itlooks very similar to the one-footed Japans that TG used to do a lot.

JayCee said...


Definitely intentional. Betting the house it's a fastplant. When he'd do backside grabs, he always grabbed behind his front foot. In that picture, he was grabbing in front of his foot and by the way his back leg is hanging off, it's gotta be a fastplant. Watch Animal Chin and check out the part where they were skating the jump-ramp at the Palace of Fine Arts. He does a fastplant off the ramp in that part and you'll see what I'm talking about.

CMV said...

TG and Jimmy T were nice.