chrome ball incident #522: tommyknockers

Figured I'd continue the 101 theme with McNatt's '93 TWS Pro Spotlight... before that rollercoaster mini-rail entered the picture.

(how did he cart that thing around anyway?)

McNatt's feature from Big Brother #5 is the bonus. Classic Natas layout.

Love the "Feel One O One" ad up top. Any idea who that is mugging it up in the flick?

Thanks for all the support out there. Big up to Rob, Josh and Dave.

And special thanks to my man Jon and the mighty Skate Mental.


Anonymous said...

sweet. completely forgot about wwII. love how the music just cuts abruptly, no overly dramatic endings. koston's fuct shorts and marko's speed. rad to see how young they were.

TT's said...

So bummed I lost my OG copy of Snuff. Mine came in Life's 'A Soldiers Story' sleeve.

K said...

McNatt was a BEAST. Good lord that man could do anything - it's incredible. His part in Snuff was amazing. Overshadowed only by Gino. Or how about him doing that insane rail in 411 (I wanna say issue 21 or 22, but I'm not sure...)

Anonymous said...

This dude was always a mystery to me.

he had a whole video part (snuff) where he tried to make everything look switch. maybe he was fuckin with everyone or maybe he's just a kook who thought he was on some next level shit.

he did do a switch fs 180 manny to 360 flip out that was straight retarded.

Wasn't he on some weird ninja/mixed martial arts tip?

that bs heelflip sequence is bananas

Keith said...

Koston's sequence in the Falling Down ad... Brian Lotti board! The dancing girls.

McNatt's Snuff part really was odd looking... the extreme leaning on his landings didn't look very natural.

I always thought he was an odd fit on 101.

The green 360 flip photo in the interview... you don't see many photos of 360 flips at that stage of the trick.

cousin harold said...

Goose bumps. That is all. Thank you again. 101

nick zee said...

my snuff came in a hosoi skt VHS tape box.

Anonymous said...

And "MadamIAmAdam" ?

chops said...

Thanks guys. Probably should've went with Celebraty Tropical Fish for the video link but WWII has a special place in my heart.

My snuff copy just came in a white sleeve with a sticker. Can't help but feel kinda ripped off in that respect, haha.

Anon2, he kinda got wild towards the end but again, his CTF part to me, is still one of the best from that era. Purple cabs and all.

Yeah, Keith. That flick is kinda strange.

Thanks Nob.

I Ace Bi:

jason of oz said...

Mine came in a Gary Player golf tape box.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Jordan Richter

sprntrl said...

Tight post Chops. McNatt is often slept on but dude got down back in the day.

Anonymous said...



nick zee said...

That is NOT Jordan Richter, I know that at least. Maybe Riki Bedenbaugh, Natas's buddy or old roommate?

UC said...

Hi Chops.
Maybe I can help you little bit about the flick mugged up on the first picture of this article.

The first four letters say "さわやか" that can be transrated into "Fresh" as for the English.
I'm not sure about the rest because letters are inverted and crushed, but these are Japanese, that doesn't make any sense, though.

I started skate 8 years ago, so I barely know about his skating but his "rollercoaster-rail-shit" in my 411 vhs tape, but every pics are sick.
I hope I was skating in Snuff and 101 days...duh.

Anyway, I really apriciate and respect you and every single posts of this blog are sick.
Hope this comment will be useful for you.
Big props from Japan!