chrome ball incident #499: forever

"Laugh, love, skate, do whatever would make you feel good. That's what he would have done" -Megan Baltimore

One of the greats. R.I.P.

First person that emails me a proper scan of this Skateboarder cover gets a free CBI shirt designed by Neil Blender. As you can see, mine is torn and that photo is way too good to not be up here correct.

UPDATE: Thank you George from Sacto. Your shirt goes out tomorrow.

Chrome Ball Incident will return on July 12th with its 500th post... whatever the hell that is.



JayCee said...

One of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Forget being just an amazing skater, he was an amazing person. All the things people say about him, all true.

RIP Keenan

Anonymous said...

After seeing this post, #500 would have been good as a post for all the fallen brothers.

Anonymous said...

Keenan. wow. Best arms in all of skating. "Very Stylish person, style looking good, looking good on the board."
The pulling up of the pants after the sw flip back tail in mouse is absolute beauty. He really makes you want to do it right. R.I.P.

Justin said...

Bottomless Pit.

ATM said...

Really wish I had that cover right now for the sole reason that I've been dying for that shirt to come out... but anyways, is that backside flip switch? God damn.

R.I.P. to one of the all time greats.

hansclapanin said...

only had 1 experience meeting him in person. me & my boys are all skating this flat rail off a drop spot in San Diego. out of nowhere the whole girl/chocolate squad shows up. Carrol, Koston, Howard, Sheffey & Keenan; among others. carrol & keenan were the only ones who decided to skate this thing. it seemed they were all a little bummed that we were there & they didn't have the spot to themselves. all of them, except keenan. i was trying fs nosegrind on this thing. keenan was rooting me on, high fiving & telling me i got it. after he warmed up with a switch fs board (thats a warmup?); he asked me if i cared if he tried switch fs crook. proper skate etiquette. i guess our tricks were sorta similar. of course i told him go for it. i think carrol did a crooked grind on it. keenan almost did his trick but the cops came & kicked everyone out. i don't think they were even filming. we were. it was one of the coolest experiences. he was so nice. i cherish it even more now that he is gone.
RIP Keenan

DLTDA said...

man dude was so good, it's incredible. Was taken away too soon. Wish there was more footage of him. His style was so clean and fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Saw him in brisbane at a lakai demo back in 2001. This was not long before he died. Think he was just rolling thru with them as he didn't ride for lakai. Style for miles and a great loss.
I have this mag I think but the bad part is that I don't have a scanner!!! Damn! Would love the tee to go along withbt

chops said...

thanks guys.

big up jaycee.

anon1, i've had that idea before but inevitably someone gets left out by accident... which starts a whole big thing where the original intent is lost.

handsclapanin, thanks for the story man... that's like straight out of a movie. super good. keep the party happenin, homie.

there's gonna be a few more chances to get a shirt coming up... no more of which require a scanner. thanks again george.

thanks everyone.

Keith said...

rip Keenan Milton. One of the best styles of all time.

Great post chops. What is that on the handrail? bs 180 fakie nose? switch suski grind?

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Keenan! the sickest style and personality from the east to the west.

Gabe said...

Gotta' agree that he was just a great guy. Bought a board off him in Santa Barbara and he was just super friendly. This was during the filming of Mouse where there are those low rails. Made a big impression on me..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this.

hansclapanin : your story is amazing! Thanks for telling it. I think that really shows how rad his personality is.

Anonymous said...