chrome ball incident #498: reckless life

Have always dug Erik Ellington.

For some reason, he's always kinda reminded me of someone I would've grown up skating with or something... except for the fact that he's insanely superhuman good at it.

Don't know why... just seems like a real-type dude.

Special thanks to Skateboarder Magazine.

R.I.P. Rammellzee


Keith said...

I honestly had no idea who he was or how good he was until the past few years. I never paid any attention to or cared about anything Zero or Baker back in the day.

That Thrasher cover is pretty slick for sure.

Can't believe you didn't have a Canadian lined up to post for Canada Day!

Coals to Newcastle said...

I like the switch heelflip photo, how he's sillhouetted against the sky.

lp said...

FUCK YEAH!! EE is badass! One of my fav's for many years.
Always loved his short Danzig Thrill of it all part, just looked like he didnt give a fuck at all and he didnt. It comes out in his style its sick as hell.
He really came through with Misled Youth, bigspin fs board and so much sick shit in that part. Baker 3 was insane.
I like Neckfaces White trash comment on him in his really good epicly latered episode. Sick photos havent seen most of these!

Anonymous said...

He was pretty raw when he was coming up (Misled Youth era) but I've never been a fan of Zero/Baker. The dude still rips but there's just something I don't like about pro skaters who think they're rock stars. And Deathwish? Yuck, no thanks.

John said...

I used to have this spitfire ad of him backside flipping a double set and I would just sit on my bed and stare at it for minutes upon minutes. I think it was my favorite skate photo I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

sick skater, one of the best of the hammer set. Loved his fairly recent spitfire ad nollie flipping that famous water gap. I never saw him as the rock star type more like a down to earth / down to get wasted type.


mark said...


chops said...

Thanks guys.

Sorry Keith, knew I should've gone with Sam Devlin.

(actually should do one for Mega... big up Paul)

I always liked this guy's skating but I respected him even more after seeing him in interviews. Dude really does seem to be one of the nicest/humblest guys out there.

jahk said...

Rammellzee :|

dad said...

That backsmith caption is one of my favourite, written of course by Patrick O'dell himself back during his salad days at Thrasher. Oh also Erik Ellington rips of course.