chrome ball incident #488: kingsize

"Meat. Meat only."


chops said...

Big thanks to Josh Brooks and TWS for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

awesome post as usual chops. and matt hensley is my all time favorite. good to see you both up on transworld.

Coals to Newcastle said...

It was a trip how he broke out. Added to the Hensley mystique. Now when you think of Hensley and skateboarding, you think of some f-ckin' golden sh-t. I never sported the Hensley look, but I can see why a lot of people did. If he killed himself for it, it didn't go unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me details on that second to last picture, the Plan B ad with the back lip. That is insane

Aullidos del viento said...

nice article

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sticky said...

congrats Matt. H-Street changed the game! Tony Mag and Mike Ternasky.

The Main Ingredient said...

such a good post. every hensley picture just oozes style. talk about a photogenic skateboarder

Keith said...

Amazing post and congrats on the TWS article! A well deserved Legend award.

The back lip is a Dukes Shoes ad. Amazing photo for sure. That's one that would be sick to have as a print. Classic Daniel Harold Sturt. I don't think H-Street would have gained in popularity so fast without Hensley.

I never rocked the Hensley look but there were quite a few in my city!

That first pro board graphic is such a classic.

chrome ballers 2 shirt: Hensley, Barbee, Lotti, Lee. Or pick other sick pros of that era I'm missing.

alone like a stone said...
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alone like a stone said...

that second to last add wasn't a pan b ad, it was a dukes shoes add... it was really exciting to open the mag and see it...for 2 reasons... a. The only rider to get dukes ads was Jeremy Wray, and each one was amazing. So at first glance of the add you "think holy shit Wray did it again." Then you realize something is wrong.. its fucking Matt!!!! That was the most exciting ad I have ever seen to this day.

b. There were rumours of Matt coming back, being the plan b manager or maybe getting a model again. But no internet and no real proof yet... (there may have been a plan b add or a picture somewhere of him standing by a fence, but that wasn't enough to believe it) When this Dukes ad came out, and you had to double take it because of how amazing it was and the J Wray thing... we all new he was back for real.

Sturt and Matt realllly fucking blew minds!

jamesinger said...

nice work on both posts E!!
Matt was one of the coolest guys of all time.
SD was lucky to have him in the world during his times on and off a skateboard.

Anonymous said...

"chrome ballers 2 shirt: Hensley, Barbee, Lotti, Lee. "

Hmmm... I'd trade Lotti for Jeremy Klein, Frankie Hill, Templeton, Mariano or Tom Knox.

P.S. Just got my CBI 1 shirt in the mail today!

Skate Nazi said...

Super sick post Chops!
Hensley was such a mind blower when Shackle Me Not dropped and even more so in Hokus Pokus.

That high ollie photo is so rad, I got to watch the practice one day for that contest, amazing to see Hensley, Gonz, J. Lee and everybody else just ripping casually on the arena floor hours before the contest started.
I can't believe that was 20 years ago, whoa.

Anyway, the blog is killing it as always.
Keep it coming.

Keith said...

"Anonymous said...

"chrome ballers 2 shirt: Hensley, Barbee, Lotti, Lee. "

Hmmm... I'd trade Lotti for Jeremy Klein, Frankie Hill, Templeton, Mariano or Tom Knox."

I think of Mariano as the "next" generation. Klein and Vallely were both amazing at that time but both are total kooks now and I'd be bummed to have either of them on a t-shirt! Tom Knox never had an influence on my skating. kf wallride was sick but that's about it. Hill and Templeton make some sense but Lotti IMO was the #2 or #3 dude running shit behind Hensley in those years.

joshua said...

I'll echo what a lot of you said. That dukes ad is just stunning. Totally an all time great skate photo.

mikebythesun said...

Thanks for this, Chops, and hats off to you on your collaboration with TWS. Hensley helped define an era of skating for me that was pure joy and inspiration. Big pops, tech skating that still had style and speed, and lots of boned out grabs. Because of Matt, I learned melans and was inspired to backside 180 every gap I could find, slam or not. Big ups to Matt for inspiring a generation.

Coals to Newcastle said...

How about Andy Howell for Chrome Ballers 2?

vaskateboards said...

great post

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Matt talked about that back lip on the expressway in an interview somewhere. Basically, the freeway was brand new and Matt and Sturt scoped it out and got the photo right before they opened it to traffic. I think I remember reading that somewhere. I could be wrong. Anyway, Mr. Hensley thank you for all the rad skating and inspiration when I was younger. You made skating something I could do, and its almost twenty years later, and I went skating today. Shackle me not not only changed my life, but between you and Lotti, it created the way I am today. Much props and get back on the board son.

phillyb said...

dude!!! fantastic post and all around fantastic blog!

The trip down memory lane you are providing is so sweeeet.

bravo for all the hard work and great execution.

i chose to comment on Hensley's post ... cus that was THE dude for "MY" generation ... and reading this post totally brought me back to that place.

your Lee Ralph post was sick too.

i blog for NDG skatepark up in montreal and will definitely big up your blog ... keep up the good work.