chrome ball incident #487: cheshire cat

"stay in school, don't drink and drive... and take lots of candy from strangers."

always stoked on Grosso. and that classic Coke graphic... forget about it.

I sometimes wonder what the Chin video would've been like had Jeff still been on the team...

and I really wish this still had the music with it.

had quite the rough time trying to get a post up tonight... glad it worked out.

have a good weekend.


Keith said...

He had some serious classic graphics on Santa Cruz... the toy box and the winged devil/demon (is that what it is?)

And when is that check out from? Before my time I think.

Henry said...

He seemed like a better fit on Santa Cruz. He had a video part with Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown"... I can't imagine him on bland, whitewashed Powell.

Tim said...

the disposable blog recently talked about his demon graphic which was really interesting.really good drug related interviews as of late.the dude seriously takes such a good picture, best inverts ever, I've got two recent pictures on my wall(2 years old or so) from indy tour and last year where he's doing a fs invert and a bs invert at the lousville park soooo extended. And if he shows up to the protec pool party you already know who's winning the boardslide contest.

Esteban™ said...


sprntrl said...

good to see your power came back on. have a good weekend

DR said...

Us: "Jeff! Just wanted to let you know how stoked we are on you. We each had your board growing up..."

Jeff: "Thanks for the two beers."

shinebox said...

Man, we here at Black Label salute you Eric! Thanks for all the Label love my man, your always killing it- D.Ashley

ffej said...

he deserves a Thrasher cover for his recent performance, but at least chromeball hooked him up :)

(your older Grosso post has a reminder to do a Jim Phillips post. should be interesting)

chops said...

Keith, check out is from '85. before my time too actually.

coals, he was totally a better fit on Santa Cruz... i think there's one interview where he calls Powell "a bunch of pussys" or something like that. anyway, I always like to think about what if Grosso was still on powell and if Blender had gotten on when Chin been made, what kind of energy they would've brought to the project. kinda like what if David Lynch directed Return of the Jedi.

best boardslides in the biz, tim.

sprntrl, j.g. coming up good sir.

thanks shinebox

thanks Ffej. forgot about that Jim Phillips post... i really gotta get on that one. you might have to have a cameo in that one, man.

thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

i apologize for the lurking, but we'll have ourselves a last words with Grosso in the August issue of TWS. he's too much of a character for it to be boring. definitely worth picking up. keep a lookout for when it comes out. - JB

JRF said...

Long time Grosso fan here...thanks for digging up and posting this stuff.