chrome ball incident #397: confetti

didn't really know how to follow yesterday's superhero-steez so I took the selfish route and just threw up some guy goodies.

its been a minute since I watched this one...

but as soon as those first few opening notes hit, all is right with the world.


Keith said...

I had a pair of those first skate Cons. They were okay. Not good nor bad.

I hated those Guy Axions though.

platinumseagulls said...

That Converse ad was on my wall before I really even knew what was up with Guy. His Axion shoe has been re-issued, its called The Nino, but doesn't look quite right: I wanted to wear them the first time around so bad, but as Keith mentioned, they felt terrible.

Coals to Newcastle said...

What was interesting to me about his Epicly Later'd was the change in his persona- from being a cool guy on tour throwing money around, drinking, smoking blunts... to the person standing by the fence at Lockwood saying, "Guy. My name's Guy", or standing on a sidewalk saying, "This is the hotel that destroyed my life." It's nice that his story has a happy ending; there's a lot that don't.

Alana said...

Operation Manhood made me chuckle :)

tlicks said...

killa post.

Anonymous said...


btw, does anyone knows where is that spot where Guy is kickflippin a barrier?


Keith said...

^ what barrier?

Anonymous said...

Coals to Newcastle,
I agree with you about the epicly later'd. I really think Patrick O'dell does a fantastic job on those series. I really liked the good ending on that too, what made it even more of a positive thing was that Gino was in there on a positive note too. I think it sends a good message to kids or anybody watching it to learn from their setbacks from those times. I'm stoked that right now it's all about productivity and repping your company. Some good stuff seems to be on the horizon.

Agostinho said...

ahhh that Mouse part is soo sick. loads of techy shit in there thats probs been mentioned already.

but the sounds of his wheels rollin' on that ollie over the fence still gets me!

Anonymous said...

never gonna post anything about getz huh ?

dedleg said...

I second that - Getz is awesome!

But you can't go wrong with Guy, maybe his "classic" image lingers, but he truly does seem to be a messiah type in skateboarding, especially with older guys. Probably much less so with the young kids who've only seen him in Fully Flared.

I always wonder why so many skaters let their drug/alcohol use get so fucking out of control. You never see these dudes just partying recreationally but still handling their shit - it always comes down to it consuming their life (Reynolds, Greco, Mariano, Diaz, the list goes on and on).

Coals to Newcastle mentioned Guy's notable change in persona, and honestly, this is harsh but in the past few years (no disrespect since he's still an incredible skater) Guy has struck me as sort of a dork. I guess it's part of the skating mentality, in large part, to be "all or nothing". Too bad it's got to be such an extreme for these guys.

Anonymous said...

a dork???
Are you in high school or something?
You must be Mr. Cool guy to call someone a dork.
I've always had this belief, I'd rather be a dork than be the one calling somebody one. Sorry dedleg, I'm with Guy, he seems pretty fucking rad to me.

dedleg said...

Guess I should have expected as much.

I still think Guy is an awesome skateboarder - but his personality is so tame now, that's all I'm saying. Just so toned down and reserved seeming, I guess, which makes sense considering all he's gone through.

Not trying to throw it around as if I'm cooler than Guy Mariano - that's ludicrous. He's the one who gets paid to go skateboarding, right?

Anonymous said...

Maybe guy was a dork. What you have to remember is that he was alot younger than his peers and was probably heavily influenced; firstly by Mark Gonzalez and the Blind dudes, then eventually the Menace guys and Kareem. That's when all of those Lockwood/Mouse session were going down and guy was fucking dope.

He will always loved by the skaters all over because he reps all of the facets of skating: all the tech dudes love hm for his techness, he skates vert, gets respect from the surfer/old skool crowd for his long hair and ol skool vans style.

WHen he came to Australia in the late 90's it was like Jesus Christ had arrived. He could just sit down and watch other pros busting themselves for hours working on some trick and then roll in on the skatepark and rip some ridiculous trcik first attempt.

I think all of those dudes like Keenan and Guy, Gino etc, got hard into drugs and partying and they undoubtably had alot of fun but you get the impression that it has robbed them of their souls and they are just skating to make a living but have lost their King status.

Anonymous said...

Drugs have their merits but are nearly always a vice. I think it's a real tragedy that skateboarding is entrenched with drug use.
Everyone disses Jereme Rogers; and quite rightly, he's delusional wanker. Though I am sure that he was once just a talented and influencable young boy that was corrupted byDrugs and easy money.
I hope I am not sounding too puritan but there comes a time where you have to be true to yourself and respect your health. Don't smoke or do drugs kids; take Guy as an example.
Peace, Respect.
Guy will always be one of my favourites.