chrome ball incident #396: waiting for superman

"pop, flip, catch, stomp."

am i the only one that still kinda hopes that Jeremy Wray is gonna come out of hiding one day and just crush the world?

the phrase "before his time" gets thrown around this site probably too much but this interview is 10 years old and still looks like it came out yesterday.

seriously on some straight up Kong-type shit, I have a hard time labeling what Wray had as "pop" as it was more like his ability to ollie and soar fucking enormous... the way you'd think of god's as big.

and that Thrasher cover still makes all others pale in comparison.

special thanks to DLX for all the links.

and congrats to Dolo and glue factory.


Anonymous said...

Everytime I see a picture of him with his skateboard and it's recent a little lightbulb goes on and says, "is he out filming, part in the works?"
He's on the AVE program, where when either of those two dudes grind a ledge I'm sure the ledge is like ready to give out. And either of them landing primo would probably shatter the concrete, and they would escape heel bruise free.
Maybe it's the old, PYB basketball player in me, but the phrase, "With Authority" comes to mind, when watching them two land tricks.

Anonymous said...

Damn, thanks for posting this. Anyone know what he's up to? It seems like one day I went looking at his sponsor's pages and he was gone.

Lucas said...

Whenever I think of Jeremy Wray--which, I admit, isn't all that often--that "How to shake it like a white girl" caption from a shot of him in Big Brother comes to mind.

But he always had good parts, even in that XYZ video. Actually, does anyone know happened to Jonas Wray and--shit--Paul Luna?

Anonymous said...

just today i was thinking "i hope chromeball does a post about j-wray"
then i proceeded to watch all of his parts.. so stoked on this

Henry said...

He seems like such a mellow guy... who just happens to jump off roofs, ollie triple sets, and backside heelflip over cars.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Still sick. He's got that mini interview in the back of the new Skateboard Mag and it had me itching for a post on here.

The mid 90s was when I actually started following skate videos and mags. I remember at that time seeing a lot of pros pulling tricks that didn't seem too far out of reach. I always figured I'd be able to skate like that after enough years on the board. Jeremy Wray was one of the first pros I remember watching and thinking, "Holy shit, I'll never be able to skate like that." His style and monster pop are untouchable.

ATM said...

He has a one page interview in the new Skateboard Mag. Sounds like he's still skating.

Unknown said...

take note, he never has to set up for a trick. when he does flip tricks his feet are always the same, hovering his board. it's either on ollie or nollie.

Keith said...

crazy. Thanks for that. Haven't seen that interview in a loooong time. fakie 360 flip over the table. Nice.

They talk about him like a God in the Element Make it Count series. I think it's the Fire one. When he first switched to Element, I don't think I was really scratching me head or being that blown away. They had that Third eye view video with Kenny Hughes and Tim O that was pretty sick before he joined.

dedleg said...

Jeremy Wray flies. A guy I used to skate with in college would always tell me to go as fast as possible and ollie as high or far as you could, because "skateboarding is the closest we're ever going to get to flying." Kind of a weird dude, but his attitude was sure reflected in his skating - likewise, Jeremy Wray takes fucking flight and that's always why I found him so great to watch skate.


I was always surprised at how short he is in person. Boy got Kemp-like hops!

smo said...

in the late 90's I was on tour with a friends band and ended up staying in conneticut with a guy named Morgan something. he had a kitchen full of Dukes boxes and a christmas card on the fridge with the Jeremy Wray tower ollie. turns out it was Jeremy Wrays cousin, and also the son of the guy who invented beatle bailey!
I was amped, thought about stealing the christmas card, but karma on something like that would be deadly.

Loo Ganida said...

THANKS! I have loved watching this guy skate since the first time I saw his pro files in 411 (#2 or #3??) I'm glad someone reminded me of his foot positioning. dude does BIG! kickflips with his front foot toes hanging over the edge of his board!
Thanks Jeremy Wray for skateboarding!

platinumseagulls said...

Very timely, everybody covered everything. Chops knows Tha Dolo? As is customary on this blog, Dolo is way underrated.

Agostinho said...

great post!

i.d. of the shoes in the 2nd ad???

some poser said...

wray is just amazing

chops said...

thanks guys.

good to see jeremy in the new skateboard mag... assumed the worst when I didn't see him on the element page but maybe this is taking a turn for the better.

i really do need to do a jonas post, dude was so sick in his own right... just too bad his brother was Thor. Not sure about Paul Luna.

Noticed his foot placement first on that opening SHS line... still dont know how he does shit like that.

Keith, I always liked Third Eye View when it came out. Kenny, Tim O and definitely Markovich all came through with some really sick parts

Quinn, never saw him in person but am kinda surprised to hear you call him short. Weird.

thanks for all the excellent stories everyone.

plat, i had the privilege to make tha dolo's acquaintance during my last trip to nyc. quite the character... and his filler part rips. you minnesota heads don't fuck around.


Yeah, I am 5'10". He was at least a few inches under me. But obviously built perfectly. Like Daewon (who used to show us how he could do heelflips with his foot in a total *normal - not Wray-style* kickflip position) who is short and stout. Perfect gyro I guess.

Speaking of Daewon, you can see that wall I was talking about him wallriding in the tall noseslide photo of Wray. Hard to tell just how choppy that wall is, but it's NON-RIDABLE.

Are they freaks, or Uber?

Chris Jackson said...

Jeremy Wray is super sick.

I remember watching Prime, then the Color videos (may have been the other way round), and him skating those concrete blocks in the car park with Jonas. Those videos got us amped to skate. Also that masssssssive gap ollie with Dill commentating.
I got his first board when he went to Plan B - but when he went to Element, lost interest (I also had on of my three Hiatus from skating!). Maybe if he'd have been on a more seemingly 'legit' company he would have stayed in peoples conscience more? I day dream about what would have happened if he'd have been on Girl or Chocolate and Lakai, rather than Element and Adio.

True legend. definitely deserves due respect. Just look at how the tricks / style has not dated in years. Lets hope for a renaissance soon!

Luke Petty said...

Amazing! Whats he up to now? I wanna see a epicly latered

Anonymous said...

his clothes were always perfect.