chrome ball incident #371: paper shredding machines

"Style is the perfection of a point of view."

figured I'd rope it back in today with a little gonz.


Anonymous said...

Was that tweaked frontside air (bone-air) from the first TWS Photo Annual? I have two copies, purchased from an ebay lot, and both copies have only the Gonz page missing.

David Wagner said...

Excellent. Never too much Gonz.

smorales said...

I still like that story I think Jaycee had about Gonz being in SF and saying "Where's Julien? I wanna skate where Julien skates!". That Benicia picture seems like a product of that. Didn't he land right on Spike's back after that mirror photo? I crush kinda hard on this guy.

dedleg said...

Solid choice. Obviously.

It's interesting - the longer I've been skating, the more I like the Gonz. When I was younger, I didn't quite "get" exactly what it was about him that made him more special. But as you've been at it longer and longer, and see all the old parts... you know.

Keith said...

That indy whatever-it-is is awesome!

That fs nose grind on the barrier... that's how I fs nose grind, which, for me, I think is kind of unfortunate, as I think the balancing ones look better. I never learned nose grinds (bs or fs) balancing.

Anonymous said...

The nose grind is so ill. Space age adidas, the wacky shirt, and pants that appear to be influenced by hospital scrubs...not to mention the facial expression and hands.

chops said...

anon1, yup. sorry.

smorales, that's one of my favorite jaycee stories as well. and i think you're right about gonz landing on spike after the photo was taken.

dedleg, i think i've talked about this before in that i was kinda in the dark with gonz til video days came out. i was always a much bigger fan of natas because of the two "fire" videos. i liked gonz but didn't get the whole picture because i only saw a few print ads and a few contest runs.

thanks guys.