chrome ball incident #347: wild thing

"Christian was all style. His whole ride was his trick." -John Lucero

One definite advantage of having great style means being able to do all kinds of goofy shit and getting away with it. Hair extensions, shirts as capes, spandex... the list goes on and on with Christ.

One of the greatest of all time. Glad to see him out doing his thing.

Check out Rising Son if you haven't. Recommended.

Keep your head up Peel.


Anonymous said...

don't think people give hosoi enough credit for his street skating skills during its infancy.


Keith said...

He was the first skater that made me say "wow" when I saw his photos. Everything from him looked so amazing back then. That powerslide, massive airs, hand plants.

I'm gonna grab the documentary from my library as well as the Gator one.

Nigel said...

When I watched Rising Son, I thought, You couldn't make up Christian Hosoi. If someone had said in the 80s, "Okay, there's going to be this guy, with hair extensions, who wears spandex shorts, and listens to Madonna, and he's going to become one of the most beloved skateboarders of all time", you would have said, That would never happen. But it did.

JRog said...

Killing it lately man! Keep it up!