chrome ball incident #340: smokin' that shit

Decided to let Ol' Dirty Clyzza close out the week.

Kinda tired tonight (and not nearly so damn chatty) so I'm gonna let the man speak for himself... better than I ever could.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

never seen that grill session clip before. hilarious!

clyde's the best.

Anonymous said...

p. bici that ollie is golden.
"the king of what? the king of styyyyyyyyle."

Keith said...

stoked on Clyde. I remember the day that the shop got 20 shot. I walked in, sat on the sofa and it was Clyde rolling the dice on the screen.

me: "Clyde Singleton? the black Acme guy? what video is this?"
dude: "new Rocco video"
me: "wtf is he doing in a Rocco video?"
dude: "he's on 101"
me: "wtf??"

101 section was so good.

Old School Sammy said...

I thought those gamer series decks were pretty awesome, being someone who played those cheesy Mattel sports games religiously as a kid. Clyde? Obviously a man of many words, even if sometimes he sounds like he's talking nonsense as well as smack. I wonder if he'd be an excellent case study for the long-term effects of marijuana usage. Saying the Masters pool/bowl skaters like Steve Steadham and Pat Ngoho have no business in skate contests lost him 99% of any respect I had for the guy.

craig said...

hahahaha... forgot about that big brother cover. classic.

Cheaps said...

You can't f*** with tha Ol' Dirty Clyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza! Dirty deep flow. Great post bro (still processing the photo tee btw)

Anonymous said...

His 411vm Issue 35 was good. How about a Simon Woodstock post or maybe Sonic?

tp said...

Isn't Bici a NYC firefighter. I feel like I saw an interview with him recently

fauxsure said...

Sometimes I really miss 101. That Bici photo is tops!

K said...

Best board ever:

Clyde n' Hobbes