chrome ball incident #272: best foot forward

where style meets power...

was vibing off these mid-90's huf joints and came across this. bugged.

special thanks to both dlx and lakai for the links. super good.


Keith said...


That Daichi interview is so odd. I've read that he's not real... like a Borat type character. If he is real, that interview was still awkward as fuck.

Always liked Huf. Those first 2 FTC parts were the shit.

Royce said...

Yeah Chops.

K said...


My favorite jam back in the day, HUF in FTC II skating to Althea and Donna's "uptown top ranking." When dude was bombing that hill in sf and then ollied the street that kalis would later 360 flip in the chaos section of 411 #20.

Photographic memory. On some Cam Jansen type ish.

Brad K. said...

That scene unseen ad is amazing.

Anonymous said...

wtf ever happened to caine gayle?