chrome ball incident #222: not the same

"I have to thank all of you: friends, acquaintances, people I only briefly met, and even some I never met. The good and the bad have helped make me who I am today, so use my flashlight as a mirror for self-reflection and think how you may have helped create who I am now, here, today. Now congratulate yourself."
-Brian Lotti, last interview before vanishing for the next decade.


Anonymous said...

The ad from Big Bro #2 is one of all time my favourites. Caring Consumer Brian Lotti.

SKEEM said...

legendary skater status

i wonder what happened to him.


Royce said...


Brian is back somewhat, he has made a couple skate related videos (1st and Hope and Free Pegasus) he can be seen around San Diego on the regular.

Royce said...

****seem SKATING around.

Keith said...

Street and style architect. Always liked Lotti. The Tron opener in Now n Later. His voice is a little funny though lol

I remember he went from H-Street, to Planet Earth to Blind. Then he went back to PE for a second and then back to Blind. I can remember the day I went into the skate shop and saw a PE Lotti board and though wtf cuz he was on Blind for a while at that point and then more Blind boards after that.

I still haven't seen either 1st and Hope nor Pegasus.

Royce said...

Yep, his and Natas's voices caught me off guard.

chops said...

lotti was more of a mumbler... natas's voice never really bothered me, but my man ron allen's voice always tripped me out. check out his interview in the new sick boys extras for confirmation.

Royce said...

They don't bug me at all, just didn't think that would come out of them. Lotti had a high, almost S.Jones sounding voice when I have spoke with him.

Natas was just so soft sounding.

Royce said...

Lotti interview: