chrome ball incident #221: ucla

tg reminiscing about gonz.

i'm glad they were able to recover what was on this tape.



Anonymous said...

Nice to see you get props on Epickly Laterd for the marc Johnson piece today! Congrats!

K said...

Oh my goodness, does anyone remember those hysterical short stories that Gonz used to write for Thrasher back in 95, 96. I loved those stories man.

He's a great reminder of why skateboarding is so much fun. It's about being very creative, a little bit strange, and maybe a little bit crazy.

I'm serious, have you ever sat down and really really watched Video Days? That part blows my mind because he makes everything look so bloody easy. And even when he really really really really really really goes hard, it still looks easy.

smorales said...

beyond words