chrome ball incident #207: king of the wigflip

OG SF/CBS ripper, Deluxe Team Manager, Frisco Policeman and unappreciated Arizona Wig Shopper, Micke Reyes.

I guess I might've been distracted by Natas, Julien, and T.G. when I first saw Sick Boys way back when... but Micke totally killed it in that piece. Definitely underrated.


smorales said...

he has a penchant for stabbing people in the leg. But what's not to love. This is really good marketing for the sick boyz dvd.

chops said...

haha, i know right. i should be gettin some kickback for this!

nah, didn't intentionally set out to do so many sick boys-related posts, just kinda worked out that way.

JayCee said...

Another good one Chops! Peep this thing I wrote a while back about Mickey and growing up in SF. They posted it on 48 Blocks a while back.


Keep up the good work!

JayCee said...

Chops. I sent a link to the CREAM page to Rick I. He was stoked on it. I'm not sure if he even still has all those boards!

chops said...

i was actually thinking about that article when i made this post... didn't know you wrote it though. supergood.

and good lookin' out sending that to rick. thanks holmes.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I forgot about those Ellesse shoes.

Anonymous said...

I spent a summer in SF in 1989 and was thrilled to discover the Ellesse store downtown, near where I was temping.

I stopped in to ask about those high tops. The lady in the shop said they only made them for a while, they never sold well, and skateboarders came in and bought them all for cheap.

That BART station bank-to-wall is SO stylish.