chrome ball incident #181: stabmaster arson

"Hey! What's up! You're filming!"

O.G. EMB blocksmith and funnyman, Yorkatron the Don

big up to my little brother, Robby Beats.


K said...

Can someone please fill us in on why this man is no longer on Chocolate and seems to have been relegated to the backpages of skate mags.

Agostinho said...


i would also like to know.

wicked scans though. we need more characters like him in skating.

Keith said...

Can you really be cool after picking up sponsors like 4ce, Dekline and Grind King?

I've never even seen a turf board in person.

I can remember seeing him at the first Slam and he was on chocolate already at that time and was trying to convince Henry Sanchez that it was a good idea to put Karl Watson on Blind.

I also saw him several years ago cruising around Vancouver with a bunch of random kids. Looked like he was having a blast just skating with these groms. He was cheering and highfiving these kids when they landed anything.

smorales said...

If you wanna wow, try chocolate POW.
I saw him at 3rd and Army within the last year, he is looking intense but still skating hard and having a good time.


Anonymous said...

It's funny you posted this. I skated Fugaros when I was back home. Nothing changed except a dumpster in front of the gap, which is still manageable.

Thanks for being there homey.

You landed this one with some "danknique."

Anonymous said...

I heard he left 'cause of a wheel invoice..........ha hah ahhhhh

Brad K. said...

I saw the post title and knew it was going to be York.

We used to love him. Too bad he left Chocolate.

Benson said...

york was super tight....saw the dude at the pier like seven years ago when he was (kinda) on DC. he had the carroll 1 prototypes on. i asked him what they were and he was totally cool and even took them off to let me try them on! nice dude, should be hooked up better. i'm also curious about the chocolate exit. i mean his yeah right part wasnt AMAZING but i dont think it was horribly laggin.

SKEEM said...

i love this guy so much!!!!!

never saw the dude in person but he seems like a realy cool dude and he was always so fun to watch.

great skateboards skills to.


Anonymous said...

duh. of course he's off chocolate. they needed room to put daniel castillo doing switch inward heelflips and switch backside 180 heels to manny. wasn't he doing those in love child? so gay.

JayCee said...

First off, I asked Mike myself about the whole Chocolate incident and while he didn't really elaborate, let's just say that it wasn't an amicable split. That's all I'll say on that. Grown men shit.

I remember one time a bunch of us were skating this parking garage in the East Bay and Mike stressed out about something and he hit one of those (I don't even know what the fuck you call those things, but they're the arms that raise up and down when you're at a parking garage) and it broke and fell on his head. Next thing you know, he's bleeding and I had to take my shirt off and drive him to the hospital. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not necessarily fond of going around shirtless. So I'm sitting at the hospital with no shirt on waiting for Mike to get his stitches. Talk about embarrassing. For both of us!