chrome ball incident #172: herb is pumpin

"That dude should be a millionaire." - Clyzza

regardless if you rejoice in the steez or cringe everytime holmes mugged it up for the camera, there's no denying Joey Suriel.

dude's probably still rockin that green Polo 1992 shirt and throwin up signs. classic.


Anonymous said...

Joey illmatic. That whole time from late 93 till 98 skating was rocking. Ideal next post would be to flow on to Billy 'the snake' Valdes - just a thought.Everyday work is made better by this blog - great job.

Anonymous said...

This one brings back so many memories from seeing his sma part through 20 shot sequence. Saw him at a demo in morristown nj in '95. Still can't forget his comments on the gabriel rodriguez/chocolate deck i asked him to sign. Such a down to earth person and amazing street skater.

Anonymous said...

That dude is packing boxes at Girl.

Anonymous said...

He works at diamond now.

the 20 shot menace part is still one of my favorite parts ever.

SKEEM said...

Just ILL.

True respect.

Skateboard Golden age.

Thanks a lot 4 diz blog, best blog ever!

Keith said...

Where's Dylan from PI's comment? haha

I got to meet all the Menace guys at the first Slam. All of them were super nice guys. They were supposed to be staying at this one hotel. Kareem arrived early to Van and proceeded to go to the hotel to check in and the they basically told him to get lost. On the surface, it did look kind of sketchy. A Black dude, which is pretty damn rare in Van, goes into a hotel and says his boss has a bunch of rooms and starts throwing out a bunch of names. "No Kareem Campbell? Ok, it might be under Steve Rocco or Rodney Mullen then." So he took his whole team and shacked up at a smaller hotel down the road.

Another random story is my ex-gf had a cousin who lived in Iowa and Menace did a demo there. She ended up getting a pu-tang shirt and Fabian's phone number that he wrote in a paperback book.

chops said...

thanks for the comments.

the snake is coming very shortly.

rd3308... gotta tell us those comments, man.

nice stories keith. shoulda brought those up earlier