chrome ball incident #155: pharaoh's dance

Q: "What's one thing people should know about life?"
A: "It's short." -Greg Hunt

another SF kid that decided to move behind the lens... styles upon styles.

big up to Tiltmode as well as Psychic Chan over at Fairways & Flips.


Keith said...

So many photos of this guy look amazing to me. Not sure if it's his style or it's just a great photographer. I'm sure it's a combo of the two.

always liked the way Greg Hunt skated.

smorales said...

multichannel demonstrational film.

His first line in tincan with the 180 over the rail loos like Santa Cruz, across the street from the fun spot. Not sure if anyone can comment on that. And the ride over that shed in the last line is cool. All of his hard way spins in and out are proper.

Anonymous said...

Lovin the last 2 posts--MJ followed by Greg Hunt.

What a great style Greg Hunt had on the lumber.

Nice fella too.

Thumbs up to the chrome ball incident.

pizzy said...

The music of tortoise from his part in tincan folklore defiantly reminds me of the late nineties. Greg had smooth style and interesting tricks back then.

Great posts this week.

JayCee said...

I used to hang out with Greg a lot when he first moved to SF. He shared an apartment in the TL with his buddy Dave who I met a few summers before and we became friends. Dave Metty moved in with them after a while too and we would all hang out in their apartment. I remember one time they were playing with raisins for whatever reason. Dave was doing stuff like putting a raisin in his nose and then saying, "dude, do I have something in my nose?". haha just stupid shit. Then Greg decides to do that in his ear and says, "I got a raisin in my ear". We looked and couldn't see a thing. Greg all of a sudden gets this super bummed out look on his face and says, "Dude, I got a raisin stuck in my ear!". haha I think he used a paperclip to finally get it out. Fun times in that apartment I tell ya.

blogs said...

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