chrome ball incident #145: c'mon with the get down

kinda curious what Tim O'Connor would say if he ever saw this site... I'm probably better off not knowing.

and thanks to my man tp for uploading this.


chops said...

damn, i couldn't find his ee#3 part or his first element part... i find this horribly disturbing.

please tell me i'm overlooking it somewhere.

Keith said...


That miniramp section right before Tim's part is sick. Kenny Hughes, Barker Barrett, Markovich. And Tim is no slouch on a miniramp. I liked him more back then (and underachievers) than I do now.

Anonymous said...

Man, in the Escort, coming home from Athens, listening to the Artifacts....and all I wanted to do was skate in khakis after watching Third Eye View (witch I borrowed from you.)

tp said...

since artifacts has been my joint since day one, i thought maybe i could be of some help with my decent library of digital skate videos. plus tim o connor is the shit. took it into my own hands and started posting them myself. ee3 part is up. don't have that element video but will post photosynthesis in a minute.


my favorite artifacts bit has to be "collaboration of mics" with lord finesse btw

tp said...

nevermind you got photosynthesis

chops said...

what's up, beats. thought i might lure you in with this one. how's the fam?

damn, big up tp. thanks for posting up those joints, no doubt. that's seriously appreciated.

big artifacts fan here as well, ever since i saw the wrong side of the tracks video... you hear they got back together a few weeks ago? sorry i missed that one... i've seen tame one a few times but never got to see the artifacts.

cause i hardly ever get to talk about this stuff: stretch armstrong's infrequently updated blog probably has some goodies you'd be interested in:


and my man admin has a real nice site going on with all kinds of hip-hop stuff (like just about the entire fondle'em discography for starters)


wrong side is definitely the go-to jam for me but i always had a soft spot for "who i am" too... the b-side to, i wanna say, dynamite soul.

Anonymous said...

props on the post chops! just the other day I was thinking of how dope a Tim O' post would be. Regarding Stretch's blog, on one of the shows he posted it someone prank called the show and whoever it was sounded EXACTLY like Tim. Weird.

btw, does anyone else like the second artifacts album better than the first?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Tp many thanks for posting his ee3 part.

tp said...

chops wish i could have seen them back on stage or ever on stage for the matter too. Never really got into tame-one's solo stuff that much. I put the albums on from time and try to give them another try but just don't get into it. El's solo stuff though is straight by me.

Listened to "that's them" straight through today after all this artifacts talk. Definitely agree with des. That album has really grown on me in recent years. It does not hold all the nostalgia of the first one but it is real good.

glad everyone enjoyed the ee3 part.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Nick Patopapas (I know the spelling is fucked) and Pancho Moler (Pancho lived in nj back in the day) were all almost inseperable in the early 90s. I think Nick works for NJ transit now.
Tim was the first person I saw do a switch 360 flip in person. He was wearing a pair of McGregor brand tennis shoes. This was at the "Parsippany Underground"..a parking garage with an under 5 inch curb and long manual pad we used to skate in the winter time.
He was super good back then and still is but he tries way too hard to be funny nowadays.