chrome ball incident #144: mean streets

Still a little surprised at how this guy's career turned out. Not that he was some kind of slouch (cause dude always killed it) but i truly feel he could've been one of the greats... if only we could've seen more. A million cameras at both Lockwood and the LA Courthouse yet my man still somehow managed to dodge almost all of them. King of the ten-second video part: Gabriel Rodriguez.

And big up to my man Rob for coming through with the hook-up. I owe you one, holmes.


Royce said...


Anonymous said...

Great post, another of my favs.

I totally agree with u that gabriel could have been one of the greats. I would also put rudy johnson in the same category, although he produced more over the years.


Anonymous said...

I second that! Just the comparison between him and Frankie Hill is huge, such a great style.

SKEEM said...

be honest i preefered much more richard mulder in the late 90´s...such an amazing tricks and a very smooth style, cant understand why RM did not became a legend ( well he is a legend to me jut like gino or keenan )

btw, guy, carrol and koston will always be the kings imo.